Finding the right prom dress can be a daunting task as there are myriad choices. So, how do you know which style will suit you the best? Before you choose the perfect prom gown, you need to know which dress will highlight your best features and camouflage undesired parts in order to highlight your figure. So, first, you need to understand your body type.

People have different body types including hourglass, apple shape, pear, and everything in between. Once you have a clear understanding of your body type, you can easily wear the dress that will give you a stunning look. To help you, here we have discussed a few body types and how to make the best choice for your special occasion. Take a look.

  1. Apple body type

The apple body type generally has slim legs and thighs but with a wider upper body and rounder middle. In order to create the best apple body shape, go for a dress, which creates a clear waist around the abdomen. Dresses such as a sweetheart or deep V-neck prom dress will look gorgeous on you. For a formal event like prom, go for long dresses with plenty of skirt volume that will add more balance to your silhouette.

  1. Busty body type

If you have a full chest, then show it anyway. A busty body type is characterized by a larger chest and a narrow hip. The key to balance is to opt for a dress that protrudes, as well as supports the chest and balance the lower part. The best way to add some highlights and adjust the proportion is to opt for A-line prom dresses. Another option is long mermaid prom dresses that highlight your body type naturally. Whether you are looking for A-line red, pink or maroon prom dresses, you can easily get the desired one. However, a full body needs to avoid a very high neckline. It will make you look even more bustier and won’t provide a good balance.

  1. Hourglass body type

It is easy to identify hourglass body type – you will have a narrow waist with bust and hips that are about equal in width. It will create a symmetrical curve in your upper and middle body. It is an ideal shape. Show off your well-defined waist with fitted dresses, accented or regular waistlines, open or V-necklines, fitted tops, and wrap dresses – all these will look fabulous on you. The beauty of being blessed by hourglass figure is that you are born with an aesthetic proportion. You can wear almost anything that you like.

  1. Pear body type

A pear-shaped body has a narrow shoulder and a wide thigh and hip. One can easily balance this shape. What you need to do is to add beautiful details at the upper part of the body and a flowing skirt to the lower part. Girls with pear-shaped body types will look beautiful with a halter-shape prom dress. If the upper part of the dress has a part of the beadings, it will look more attractive. Always try to avoid a fully fitted dress. Always choose one that suits you.

  1. Petite body type

Petite girls are shorter and have a slim and short upper half. In order to get most out of this body shape, try choosing a beautiful shade for this dress. Girls with this type of body shape look great in single-tone dresses as they don’t break up your body shape. They attract the eye to the length of the dress and lengthen your silhouette. You can also go for long prom gowns with a high belted waist, which will give the illusion of longer legs, as well as add height to your look.

Picking the right prom dress will not be difficult when you know about your body type and the kind of dress that will suit you best. Once you know this, you can easily opt for a reputable shop that offers different types of prom dresses along with bridal gowns and red, pink or burgundy bridesmaid dresses, and choose a dress that will reflect your personal style.

Author Bio: Emily Addison, a popular blogger on bridal gowns and burgundy bridesmaid dresses, here writes on 4 styles of long prom dresses for your body type. She also suggests to pick a reputable shop for buying maroon prom dresses.