Are you planning to put engravings on your wedding bands?

Your wedding rings are the representation of a lifelong commitment. When purchasing a wedding ring, you’ll want it to be unique and memorable, just like your engagement stories. If you want something different, though, there’s only so much you can do by buying bands.

Adding engravements on the ring provides a perfect solution. The hardest part here is to think about the right inscription to engrave. Here are some romantic and cute ideas for engraving wedding bands.

  1. Your Wedding Vows

One of the most common ideas for engraving wedding bands is using your vows. It serves as a reminder of your marriage and the commitments you made to one another. What can be better than immortalizing that moment?

It doesn’t need to be something long, as long it conveys the meaning. You should always go for phrases or words that sum up your love for one another.

  1. Use Your Names

Another trend for wedding band designs is having the couple’s names engraved. They can include the names of both people in each ring as a symbol of union. You can even use nicknames that mean much more to you and your partner.

Advancements in technology have provided ways for different customized designs. There are now options to have the inscriptions to be in your personal handwriting or signature. Remember to avoid complicating the signature, as this could cause difficulty in the engravement.

  1. Meaningful and Romantic Quotes

Every couple has their own unique stories to share. From the romantic to the most bizarre, this remembrance can be what you’re looking for in the ring. It adds a touch of personal sentiment that only you two know about.

Though feelings come and go, you can engrave romantic quotes on your ring. You can even go as far as using different languages to convey the idea. There are no limitations on what golden thoughts you have.

  1. Spiritual Verses

If you both share strong religious beliefs, you can engrave verses on your rings. The verse can convey lessons of love, kindness, and faith with your partner. It can also be a reminder of the spiritual bond that you share moving forward in life.

  1. Personal Insights

Compared with other tasks, getting band rings engraved is simple, but not easy. This all comes down to what you’re going to have engraved on the ring. If you’re strapped for ideas, you can always have your personal philosophy engraved in the ring.

This way, you and your spouse will always have each other’s words of wisdom nearby. It’s a great way to make it unique and meaningful if you don’t want to use quotes from pop culture or media.

Use These Ideas for Engraving Wedding Bands Today

Engraving your ring personalizes it to your relationship. Use these ideas to help you come up with unique engravings to make your bands special. Engrave your bands and impress everyone today!

Do you want to learn more about making your wedding day special? These ideas for engraving wedding bands can only make a small part of the day special. Check out more of our guides to learn more about creating the most memorable day in your life!