Pukhraj stone is also commonly known as the yellow sapphire stone but apart from these 2 names this stone is also known as Pushparag, Peetamani or Pitamani. As per the Hindu astrology this particular stone is a part of the conundrum family. This also belongs to the same family like the blue sapphire and the ruby.

One can buy pukhraj stones both online and offline and one must know that have yellow, golden or orange color. But if one looks for the highest quality of pukhraj then it has to be of lemon yellow color. The color that one sees in a yellow sapphire stone is because of the presence of iron and titanium in it.

Here are some major benefits for wearing this stone:

  • It is said that when one wears this stone, it can bring some wonder to their lives. But one must know to wear this stone properly. It can bring a lot of prosperity to the wearer and can help one to improve their financial status as well. One can see good health, fame and wealth once they start wearing this stone as it brings success to their professional lives.
  • According to Vedic astrology, this stone is termed to be very precious and auspicious. It can bring a lot of peace and prosperity in their lives and maintain good health in the family. It gives grace and power to the wearer and when one wears this stone, it means that peace will prevail in love relationships and in general well being of the individual. It can also increase the spiritual knowledge of one who is wearing it.
  • According to experienced astrologers, one must wear this stone on a Thursday with Pancha Dhatu or gold to get the best results from the stone. It is also said that married women must wear this stone in order to get happy and blissful married life ahead.
  • If one is wearing a pukhraj stone then it can protect them from evil spirits. This gem can also be very beneficial for people who are into higher studies or research work in academics. If one is having a lot of issues in getting married then they can wear a yellow sapphire stone in order to get their perfect match. It can also bring a lot of peace and happiness in one’s married life. But for that both the husband and wife has to wear this stone.
  • It is said that this stone can also unite the separated lovers. If one wears this stone, they are blessed with intelligence, good health, better behavior and knowledge. One can also love a healthy life by wearing it. This stone can help in preventing throat infections as well along with breathing issues.

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