The  most important parameter of all. First of all, a watch has to attract us aesthetically, to fall in love at first sight. If this parameter is not met, I recommend not to continue with the following advice since in all probability you will end up selling it.

This point is not decisive, because a posteriori should be fulfilled most of the others, but I consider it exclusive.


The luxury replica watches brand is much more than a simple marketing parameter. Behind it lies its history and its philosophy, both business and product. If you are not very introduced in the sector, consult the web pages of the brands or solicited opinion in forums and reliable blogs. There can be no bigger disaster than buying a watch and the brand disappears after a short time. This, unfortunately in some cases has occurred in these times of crisis, causes the unfortunate owner of a watch to lose all technical assistance and consequently, the value of the piece will tend to zero.



  • They are characterized by having a sober design and contained measures, between 38 and 42 mm for a male model. Its thickness is also usually scarce.
  • Not recommended as the first watch.
  • Highly recommended as a second watch.


They are the other extreme. Considerable size and thickness, usually (but not always) attached to a striking design.

  • Not recommended as the first watch.
  • Moderately  recommendable as second clock.
  • Ideal as a third watch.


  • Watches fleeing extremism, both aesthetic and dimensional.
  • Recommendable under any circumstance.
  • Essential if it is the first high-end watch.

Material of the box


There are many variants of these outer layers, but in general they are not very resistant to scratches and also cannot be polished. You have to re-treat the box completely. The same matt black tone is obtained as with the ceramic at a lower cost. Not recommended, unless it is a compound that lacks the previous drawbacks.


In this case there are also different formulations, but in general it is a material highly resistant to scratching, almost immune. Its weak point is its low resistance to impacts. In practice this means that we will hardly scratch it, but there is the possibility of breakage if it suffers a significant impact.  Only recommended for sports watches or in polished finish for “fashion” watches.


  • It is extremely resistant and lightweight. Very expensive.
  • Its logical use is in sports watches.

Special alloys

Clocks of ridiculous weight and great resistance are reached. The drawback is its high price given its exclusivity. Only for serious sports activities, in which its carrier has to endure great inertia.