Are you a watch enthusiast? Do you sometimes feel lazy to remove your watch during the shower? Are you tempted to test your watch’s limits by wearing it for your next diving session? 

Read on to find out if wearing designer watches for women in the shower is recommended. Experts opine that you should remove your watch when showering. 

The combination of soap, hot water, or shampoo can damage the rubber covering that maintains your watch’s waterproof properties over time. This reduces its water resistance rating of your watch and it may end up requiring regular watch maintenance services. Did you know that dive watches can also be damaged by prolonged exposure to water?

This is why You Should Remove your Watch when Showering

Showering with your watch on can be tempting but if you value your designer watches for women, you need to avoid this practice as much as possible. In the case of mechanical designer watches for women, for instance, exposure to hot temperatures can damage its rubber gaskets. A rubber gasket is a ring that prevents water from penetrating inside your watch. 

When these are damaged over time, water will start seeping through the watch damaging it completely. Shampoo and soap also leave a thick soapy residue that accumulates over time. Remember, you may not notice the damage on your watch until you have been wearing it to the shower for some time. 

What about Waterproof Watches?

Waterproof or water-resistant watches are designed to prevent water from flowing inside the watch. However, they cannot prevent air or gas from penetrating inside the watch. The heat from showers results in the expansion of air inside the watch. 

Once your watch cools down, moisture from the air starts penetrating inside the watch, and this oxidizes the parts inside your watch with time. With time, the oils in your watch’s movement start drying up. In the end, your designer watches for women will need frequent servicing. 

Remember, shampoo and soap can also accumulate in the crown or beneath a bezel because they are hard to clean parts of the watch.

What Should You Do if You Wear Your Watch in the Shower Accidentally?

  • If your watch is water-resistant, fill a bowl or cup with a mixture of dishwashing soap and lukewarm water. 
  • Allow your watch to remain in the water for approximately 10 minutes
  • Remove it from the water and scrub it using a clean soft toothbrush. Be sure to reach all the areas around the watch and clean between the bracelet links thoroughly
  • Dry your watch thoroughly

Soaking your watch in a mixture of light dishwashing soap and warm water helps clear away all the soap and shampoo dirt. This process is also ideal after swimming in a chlorine infested pool. 

What if You Want to Shower with Your Watch on?

Here are tips to help you if you want to shower with your watch. 

  • Ensure it is water-resistant. While a watchmaker can prove the water-resistance level of a watch, you should not always believe what is written on your designer watches for women. 
  • Shower with your less valued watch. It could be a cheap one or a piece you can replace easily
  • Avoid hot showers
  • Avoid operating the chronograph pushers or crown when showering or drenched in water
  • Ensure the crown of your designer watches for women is always crewed down during the cleaning process
  • Rinse off with cold tap water and dry off thoroughly

Before showering with your watch, ensure it has at least 100 meters of water-resistance to prevent condensation from penetrating through. 

Wearing Your Designer Watches for Women Degrades it Over Time

While you may be tempted to wear you watch in the shower or during your swimming session, doing so can damage it. It’s advisable to remove your watch when taking a shower to prolong its lifespan. If you forget to remove your watch, follow the tips included here to clean it thoroughly.