Being in fashion means being in style. When you have to go for different occasions your style will be compromised if you wear the same design, color and look of eyeglasses. Changing eyeglasses from occasion to occasion is as important as selecting your outfits, jewelry, handbags and other accessories. Occasions vary from formal business meetings to informal parties and there are some special occasions too like birthdays and wedding ceremonies.

When we talk about selection of eyeglasses we mean two things. One being the outer frame and second is the glass that is holds. The eyeglasses frames are as important as the outfit you carry.

Nowadays, eyeglasses are more than a piece of vision correction, these have now become a fashion accessory and part of everyone’s personality. Thus the choice of glasses for formal and fashionable personalitycannot be the same. At Voogueme there an array of eyeglasses available. You can effortlessly find style and material along with size and shape that matches with your personality and also frames that perfectly Adour your look for suitable occasion.

There are a lot of choices for a number of occasions. Some of those are discussed below:

1. Professional look for formal occasions:

Rimless glasses with curved anti-glare patterns is always the best choice for business class people. These eyeglasses are elegant and unique yet they depict a strong professional style statement. These eyeglasses complement both men and women carrying professional look in their business meetings and social get together. It is a better that you should not do much of experiment for a business look and stick to the all-time favorite rimless glasses. They will ease you to the business meeting and will maintain your pride and performance.

2. Party time glasses:

Usually when you go for a casual outing, party time glasses are your best bet. They will make you feel comfortable with sporty look and give you confidence and will boost your energy. If you want to to enhance this look, plastic colored frames will work wonders. At Voogueme there are a lot of choices that you have to pick from and they will look amazing and will match your outfit. It blends well with plain clothestoo. At parties and informal gatherings you want to carry your accessories with ease. If you want to look matured yet casual, then you can never fail with classic aviator glasses. Cat eye glasses and color rim glasses are also in fashion these days in 2019.Horn-rimmed frames with unique rim design attracts everyone are also best for casual hang-outs or going out for shopping with friends.

The weekend time glasses:

Modern world is the busiest place to live in, but when weekends come they are like a blow of fresh air in our lives. People who love to go out on weekends or like slogging on weekdays, undoubtedly love the weekend time. Sports is energetic and a stress-buster. For enjoyable weekends the best pick would be sporty glasses that will look cool as well as they are rough and tough and can bear minor damages too. The incredible soft and flexible material like plastic or metal frames look casual and suit your weekend spirit. If you spend much time in outdoor activities, polarized sunglasses are your best bet since they will protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays of sunlight and will enhance your vision in bright outdoors by minimizing the reflection so they are definitely recommended not only to look stylish but also to protect your eyes.

For the evening party look:

Lively souls that love to go to parties and attend social gatherings will surely want something unique and stylish to match their appearance and taste. If you are sporting a classy or polish look then rimless frames will be apt. If you are looking for more exiting look then cat eye glasses are the best choice for you. If you want to look chic, horn-rimmed glasses will help to enhance your personality. Matching eyeglasses with outfits is also a craze in such parties. Oversized embellished frames also look graceful for evening parties. Looks can be deceptive but eyeglasses can never let you down and will enhance your confidence and attract many eyes towards you. If you are wearing short, pretty dress, you can create a contrasting appearance with sharp edged frames.

We at Voogueme are striving to serve you the best way possible Finding suitable pair of eyewear is no more an uphill struggle. but the choices that are present at our online store will make it easier for you to pick the best glasses that will suit your personality. You can check out the popular and spot what’s favorable for you, by visiting our online store that is at your disposal 24/7.  Having more than one pair of glasses is not an expensive move since we have coupons and discount offers for you almost throughout the year.