Hair problem – the most common issue that almost every human being faces in his/her lifetime for at least once. It is such kind of a problem that if ignored for a long time can cause human serious damages like loss of hair, dandruffs and other scalp infections. Thus it is very important to look after the hair and scalp just as the humans care for the other body parts. Due to the exposure to every vulnerable situation, hair and scalp of human needs much care and attention. But it is also to be observed that to care for hair must not go in vain due to using inappropriate products unwisely.

Use of ketomac

Ketomac – the name is more or less known to everybody across the globe. Due to the fact that these material is highly functioning to fight against dandruff and other scalp issues, it is widely accepted overall and even famous amongst the doctors to mention it in their prescriptions. It contains ketoconazole, a synthetic anti-fungal agent in a concentration of 2% in an aqueous suspension which works significantly by killing fungi on the skin or scalp. It basically interacts with the cell membrane of the fungi and make it loosen and finally makes it leak out membrane and kills it. Using of ketomac also helps to fight itching, flaking and scaling conditions. Thus, it is very much essential.

How to grab one

There are many ways to find a ketomac shampoo across the globe. Due to its vast acceptability to almost every skin types, the demand for these shampoos are growing day by day. Might it be any super market or a reputed local shop or an online shopping portal – the presence of ketomac shampoo can be seen everywhere. The ketoconazole with other shampoo bases helps to fight in many unwanted situations of hair and scalp and therefore are in top searches worldwide. And depending upon the concentration level and volume of the product the ketomac shampoo price in India varies within a significant range but it is found that it is budget friendly.


Though the ketomac shampoo is widely accepted for its huge functionalities but it can be seen that in some cases side effects might occur and the symptoms include burning sensation, dry or oily hair. These conditions is mild though but it is advised to contact a physician to avoid any harm due to ignorance. Another main thing is that these shampoos need proper and directed use for better results, avoiding which it might not be that fruitful. If the condition is more serious than it appears, consultation with a doctor before using the product is highly advisable.


Use of ketomac shampoos are therefore can be have with proper use and as per the prescribed or written direction and wide ranges are available under different brand names and obviously ketomac dandruff shampoo price and concentration level are matters to check before buying. Choosing wisely is therefore the best option to make the most of the use.