The 2020 Fashion scene has introduced a diverse number of looks at all the major fashion runways of Paris, Milan, London, and New York. If you are hooked to fashion and love stepping out in style, you are bound to quickly fall in love with one or more of these trends.

Get the latest 2020 fashion styles at the official Victoria Barbara site 

Victoria Barbara is a popular fashion blogger from New York. She is famous for her high-end and street style fashion collection that she regular shares on the Official Victoria Barbara site. She says that when it comes to fashion, you need to be aware of the latest trends. Sometimes, some trends are carried forward from the previous year, whereas some die a natural death with the advent of a new year. If you want to know the latest fashion trends that are here to dominate 2020, check them out below-

  • The short Bermuda and suit- The bike short trend is here to dominate 2020, and it was embraced by eminent fashion designers like Givenchy, Chloe, and Bottega Veneta went ahead to add an interesting twist to the classic suit for spring this year. This style looks like a part California and part 9-5 job look. You can take this unique look straight into the Fall as well by teaming it up with knee-high boots. The boxy style blazers paired with a pair of matching shorts will give you the Julia Roberts look of Pretty Woman. Like Mom jeans, the Bermuda shorts have resurfaced from the 1990s, and they are here in 2020 to slay the fashion scenes with success.  

  • Vertical and horizontal stripes- Fashion industry experts say that vertical and horizontal stripes are going to be dominant fashion trends for 2020. Vertical stripes will be a hot favorite this year as they flatter all body types, especially in photos. If you are not sure on how to implement stripes in your wardrobe, industry experts say that two bright stripes are the best to mismatch like stripes with florals and greys with lavender but never add a third. You can even go the extra mile of mixing vertical and horizontal stripes together to get an offbeat look. 

  • Hot pants- The hot pants of the 1950s are back in 2020. These super small shorts were embraced by Rag & Bone, Ferragamo, and Brandon Maxwell at major fashion runways this year. Chanel styled the hot pant look with black tights to give women a unique Daisy Duke status.

When it comes to western wear, well, the Official Victoria Barbara site says that cowboy boots are back. In fact, she says that you will see more cowboy boots this summer. These boots are eye-catching and make you feel special. You can get them in many colors; however, if you really want to create a style statement when you step out, choose the vintage boots that are not only flattering but comfortable as well!