Dry skin is not necessarily the best thing anyone can do, nor is it anything to be proud of. Even as oily skin has many issues, dry skin comes with its collection of problems, too. Nonetheless, having dry skin is slightly better than having an oily skin type when you look at all these types of skin critically. Below are the top 3 advantages of dry skin.

Lower Dirt Attraction

Oily skin appears to absorb lots of dust from the air, which settles down on the surface, creating a creamy layer. It blocks the skin pores and makes the skin look sluggish and dirty; it also diminishes breathing capacity. Having oily skin often gives you a very uncomfortable feeling every time you touch your face. The entire time there is an unwanted shine on your nose. In comparison, dry skin has a matte effect, which works well.

Less prone to blackheads and pimples

One of the main reasons people with oily skin complain so much is that their form of skin is more susceptible to blackheads and acne. Blocked skin pores contribute to pimple growth, and also give birth to blackheads and whiteheads. Many with dry skin do not have to face too many issues, because whatever moisture their skin absorbs from the air tends to be good at making the skin appear a little nourished, rather than limp and dead looking.

No getting headaches over makeup worries

Makeup appears to rub off on people with oily skin often, as the oil doesn no make it last. However, anyone with dry skin may not face this issue, as the makeup stays on the surface with good use of a nourishing lotion and a base, and does not require too many touch-ups. But if you are wanting to make it look more bomb – try using products from https://berrygrace.com/skin-care/best-setting-powder-for-dry-skin-review/ to make your dry skin look better and fresh!

Bottom Line

Having dry skin, therefore, earns better points for having oily skin overall. It does not say that anyone with flaky, dry skin, which is harsh and rough, feels proud of it and does not take the required steps in skincare. As mentioned earlier, dry skin has its own set of problems, so it is best to keep your skin moisturized and nourished. Dry skin can ruin a person’s appearance, so investing in good quality moisturizers and sunscreens is necessary, which offers the skin the right amount of nourishment and make it look healthy and beautiful.