Nothing can stop a woman before buying a new wardrobe, even if the refrigerator is completely empty. And if a stunning evening dress caught my eye, write is gone.

How to choose an evening dress

The main selection criteria should be considered as follows:

  • the cloth,
  • color,
  • style,
  • body fit
  • combination with accessories and shoes,

The choice of evening dress according to the type of figure

A woman with a pear shape should buy an evening dress with a V-neck, he will visually expand the shoulders. The right decision is to choose a model with a high waist or tailored along the oblique. A low-waist product will draw attention to wide hips.

  • Owners of the “inverted triangle” figure will suit outfits of a trapezoidal silhouette. Another interesting proposal from designers is to consider buying women’s evening dresses with bare shoulders, with a “loop around the neck”. One of them should be included in your wardrobe.
  • If the figure resembles a rectangle (the same width of the shoulders and hips), you can safely buy straight and fitted models. Trapezoidal products are also recommended, they are especially feminine.
  • The hourglass figure is an opportunity to buy a fitted outfit with a wide belt. The skirt can be extended to the bottom. Long dresses look very impressive on owners of this type of figure. The dress may have a low waist, and the skirt a high cut.

What to do to the owners of a round tummy and an O-shaped figure? An elegant dress in this case should have a length below the knees or maxi, a free-cut skirt. You can stay on a product with a high waist or a deep neckline.

What colors are preferred for evening dresses?

There are no restrictions in the color scheme, it is only important that the shade matches the color type of the woman. If in doubt, you should pay attention to the universal options for the dress:

  • black
  • white
  • pastel gamut.

The fabric does not have to be monophonic, stripe models and a small floral pattern also look spectacular. You can achieve a spectacular appearance and due to the interesting texture of the material. Over time, you can collect in your collection several interesting models that differ in style, material, design style.

There is still a need to choose linen that is as harmonious as possible in style and color combination: I looked here how it might look the most original. A long video sequence of the most interesting models in the trend of the current season, and something will surely appeal to you.

Outwardly expensive and cheap fabric is very noticeable, so when buying, be aware of how the model will look from the side. Better to give up the style: elegant minimalism is more advantageous in terms of respectability. A more modest dress, perfectly fitting in shape, will give all the necessary dividends than deliberate luxury. Even if the figure is far from standards, there is always the opportunity to tailor the product clearly for yourself by contacting the atelier. One must remain sober, realizing that rarely when a template model is well suited to all women, without exception.