Nails are now part of our outfit, just like our hairstyle hair for example. To add a little fantasy to your daily life nothing beats a beautiful original manicure! No need to go to a nail salon or nail bar, nail art has become easier and easier to do, and you can get great results without being an expert. So if you are a beginner in nail art you are in the right place!

The nail Art Variations

  • Nail art with dots or Polkadot

Apply a base on your nails and a varnish of the color of your choice. To draw the peas you can buy a dooting tool or pick up a hairpin or an old pen.

  • Place on a non-absorbent surface (a piece of aluminum for example) a few drops of the varnish you have chosen for peas.
  • Dip your tool in the nail polish and draw the peas as you wish on your nails.
  • Apply a coat of clear coat once the peas are dry.

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  • Geometric Nail Art

To get geometric patterns on your nails it’s very simple! Just bring two different varnishes and a little tape.

  • Cut out the patterns or strips you want in the scotc .
  • First apply a first coat of varnish.
  • Once your nails are dry place the patterns according to the desired effect.
  • Then apply a second coat of varnish of another color on your nails.
  • Remove the scotch pieces once the varnish is dry, apply a coat of top coat and you’re done!

You can of course have fun with more colors and patterns!

  • Nail art glitter

You can now buy glitter polish , go to the online store. If you choose this option do not forget to stamp the nail polish on your nails and not to spread it as with a normal varnish, you can choose the amount of glitter. Otherwise you can make your own glitter varnish!

  • Apply a coat of polish on your nails.
  • Before the polish dries brush your nails with an eye shadow that you soaked in a pot of glitter for example.
  • For fully shiny nails, simply plunge your nails into a glitter pot.
  • Pass a clear coat of varnish according to the desired effect.

  • Nail art shadow

To get a nice gradient on your nails follow this tutorial! All you need is a small sponge or eye shadow sponge and a toothpick.

  • Apply a first coat of nail polish to your nails.
  • On a non-absorbent surface mix two or more varnish colors as shown in the picture.
  • Soak the sponge and rub the sponge on your nails.
  • Then clean the contour with a cotton swab soaked in solvent and admire the result!

  • Nail art stripe   

If you want to decorate your nails while remaining discreet this minimalist design is what you need!

  • To obtain such a result you can buy special nail strips that you can cut and place on your nails as you wish.
  • You can do it yourself using the same technique as for geometric nail art .
  • For the result to take a long time you must cover your nails with a layer of clear varnish.