It’s super natural to be supernatural; Felicity’s Bliss is a brand with a superhero at the center of it’s story, just in the nic of time.

Felicity’s Bliss is the latest start up following the trend of globally minded and conscious entrepreneurs. With jewelry designed to inspire curiosity, awaken intuition and reveal the supernatural beauty within all women, Felicity is a force to be reckoned with. Her mission is clear; to combat the effects of co-vid 19 at the spiritual level and go anti-viral by uniting all humanity with compassion and love.

Felicity is the alter-ego of the brand’s owner and visionary, Caitlin Stivaletta. “The word felicity has always been my favorite word because of it’s double meaning.” says Stivaletta, “the first definition is intense happiness and the second is the ability to appropriately express one’s thoughts. Since I believe our reality IS an expression of our thoughts, if we aren’t intensely happy, we must not be either expressing ourselves right or having the right frame of mind. It’s basically the perfect word for keeping one mindful. Felicity the superhero, is who I strive to be. She is the best version of me and Felicity’s Bliss is my version of heaven on earth. If I can bring heaven down from the clouds, I’d like to help other women do it, too. If more people can experience joy and bliss, the more beautiful and happy our world will be.”

Felicity’s jewelry is all handmade and inspired by the legends of the gemstones they hold. Labradorite is the brand’s signature. It is a crystal that holds mystical qualities and is believed to hold the energy of the Aurora Borealis. Stivaletta continued, “Magic is real if you believe in magic. Everyone can unlock the beauty and wonder of their intuition. The first step is simply acknowledging that the superpower is there. Women are strong and smart, but we have to balance our power with the vulnerability to be loving. I consider my jewelry to be token symbols for a shift in consciousness. They can’t be a commodity, I pour too much of myself into each piece. They are an investment towards your own personal development.”

To carry this message along further, Felicity’s Bliss also produces a variety of Bohemian Style luxury wrap bracelets that she calls The Bracelets of Submission. “The bracelets of submission are a nod to The Amazon Nation, Aphrodite and Wonder Woman. The Amazons were created by the Greek Gods to unite all humanity with compassion and love. After a period of captivity and enslavement, these strong female warriors broke free from their oppressors. Aphrodite protected them by sending them to live on paradise island, where she instructed them to always wear bracelets as a reminder that while they were free to be strong, to be truly powerful they must always submit to her, beauty and love. Amazon women are strong, beautiful and loving.”

Stivaletta also offers a spiritual growth mentorship program, where you can book coaching sessions with her via zoom, through her website. You can also find Felicity and other intuitively inspired creations at select boutiques in San Diego, California or visit for the full collection. If there is one thing left to be said, this won’t be the last time you hear about Felicity.

“We are all in the middle of a collective trauma. There is going to be so much healing that needs to be had. Felicity’s time is now, the world needs to lean into a higher power, we need hope.” There’s no stopping a woman on a mission, especially when that woman is a secret agent working for the universe…to be continued on that.