There are people who just love a good button.

Sadly, blazer buttons don’t get the attention they deserve most of the time as compared to other parts of a blazer such as the lapels, breasts, or length.

More often than not, people have this misconception that there is not much to choose when it comes to buttons. Well, in one what, they are actually right. When you are the customer, the moment you see a particular button that you like, it is likely that you won’t think of the finish or material of the rest of your wardrobe. The color is the only thing that you think of.

What you might not realize that while the color is important, there are still other things you need to consider. Just so you know, buttons are the sole native decoration on a blazer, which means that it is a decoration inseparable from it.

The choice of buttons can easily make a difference to the formality and style of a blazer, especially today when only a few people bother wearing a handkerchief or tie.

Good thing that you can now get custom engraved blazer buttons that boast of a premium look.

But before you shop for blazer buttons, there are some things you have to keep in mind:

What Shoes Will You Wear?

What is the shoe color you will wear your blazer with? While some other accessories are important, the main factor here is if you will be wearing black shoes, brown ones or a combination.

Generally speaking, buttons can look better if their color is closer to that of the shoes. This means that a navy or black button looks best when paired with black shoes or a very dark brown pair at the most.

Dark brown buttons can bridge brown and black shoes. You might want to opt for brown buttons if you are wearing brown shoes.

Black are nicer than navy just like black shoes while mid-brown have more interest compared to grey.

Will You Go for Contrast or Not?

Would you like your buttons to be in contrast with the blazer’s material? In general, more casual buttons stand out better. Smart dark suits will feature buttons of the same color or tone. Navy suits might have black, navy, or very dark brown buttons.

Meanwhile, among the hallmarks of the blazer is that this has buttons that contrast the cloth. Not really the usual yellow metal but more of a lighter brown horn or mother of pearl sometimes. Together with patch pockets, the contrasting button is a great way of indicating that the blazer is meant to stand by itself instead of being part of the suit.

The same thing also applies for the variation of pattern or color in the button itself. There are some dark brown horn that are very varied and mottled while some are plain. It will stand out more if the button is more mottled.

If you want to achieve a more premium look, make sure you go for custom engraved blazer buttons.