It’s about time you did – it’s not difficult at all, provided you prep yourself for it first.

If you’re shy about allowing the beautician ‘down South’ to remove hair, then you might as well try bikini waxing at home. However, most women find it much easier to have another person getting the fuzz off from the bikini region, especially if they’re getting a Brazilian or Hollywood wax. It might be embarrassing on your first try, but you must remember that the beauty technician has done it so many times before and that you do not present a unique challenge to them.

It seems almost impossible to do – but it’s not. It does take some careful manoeuvring at first. However, once you hit your stride, it becomes quite easy.

Bikini waxing at home is more comfortable and you can do it in total privacy in your bedroom, whenever you want.

How to bikini wax at home

Let’s now come to the important point at hand: how to actually wax your bikini region by yourself.

  • Arm yourself with a box of high-quality cold wax strips from a leading manufacturer. Do not try using hot wax in the area if you have never done so before. The chances of injuring or burning the delicate skin in the area are much higher with hot wax.
  • The night before you wax the area, take a relaxing shower with warm or slightly hot water. This opens up the skin’s pores. Use a mild scrub or suitable exfoliant on the skin, to soften both the skin and hair. This also removes excess dirt, dried sweat and oil from the skin. Cleansed skin is easier to wax since the wax strip can grip the hair firmly.
  • Before you start waxing and if your threshold of pain is lower, then it is better to take a painkiller tablet about one hour prior to waxing. Apply a numbing cream about five minutes before you begin.
  • Sit down comfortably on the floor. It is a good idea to place a mounted mirror near yourself so you can see exactly which areas you need to cover.
  • Apply the waxing strip – cut into a smaller piece if necessary – on the area and press it into the skin. Now hold one end of it firmly and pull off swiftly in a smooth motion.
  • Yes, it hurts at first. But the pain soon recedes, and so does the redness on the skin. There might be some amount of soreness for a while.
  • Use the wipes provided with the strips, so that excess wax stuck to the skin might be removed. Now wash the skin with cool water, and apply moisturiser if necessary.
  • Do not go swimming, or wear silk or nylon panties for at least 24 hours after college admissions essay bikini waxing at home.