The fashion trends for men and women keep changing year after year. Tight fitting shirts were considered many years back too and now have come back in fashion again. It is true that a man can look good when wearing a dress that fits perfectly. The more traditional boxy shirts do not have any tapers and contours and will have a straight stitch from the armhole to the end. A slim fit shirt however includes tapers so that the shirt will follow the contours of the body.

Men with good physique are expected to have wider chest and narrow waist. The amount of taper at the waist may vary from individual to individual. Athletes and body builders might have much narrow waist than others, but any person without too much flab will have a waist that is smaller in size than the chest. This is why the slim fit shirts look good on almost everyone. Men prefer these kind of fitted shirts because they do not sag or bag. When a shirt looks baggy around the waist or sleeves, it lessens the elegance of the shirt.

Points To Look:

When you are buying slim fit shirts for men, you have to consider a few things. Price is often a factor when buying fitted shirts. It is true that custom made shirts are expensive, but the slim fit shirts that are available off a rack in pre-made sizes are priced almost similar to the traditional shirts. The price will however vary depending on the fabric used and the quality. 100% cotton dresses will be more breathable but a blend of polyester and cotton will be easier to maintain.

To find the right size for you, you must try out shirts of different brands. The amount of taper and ‘how close the fit is’ are two factors that vary from brand to brand for the same size. Some brands have also come with shirts that are labeled ultra slim. This will be suitable for persons who have a really muscular and shaped body. You must first know the neck and sleeve measurements. If you want to buy a short sleeve slim fit dress, neck measurement alone will suffice.