The purpose of this article is to guide in selecting a suitable and protective cell phone case. With this guidance, you will be able to choose the best case for any of your devices from otterbox Cases Company. However, before you select any brand of a cell phone case, at least consider the following basics:

  • Convenience
  • Protection
  • Fitment
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Design and style

As far as cell phone cases are concerned, many types will generally fall on categorize, including snap-on, pouches, soft-fitted case, and aluminum.


Pouches are ideal for folks who like carrying their phones inside a pouch. Generally, they typically designed a clip belt attached securely on the waist, allowing the safest place to place a cell phone. One of the benefits of pouches is that they usually protect carried device sturdily held with a robust belt.


Snap-on is a hard plastic case that gives convenience by providing exact fitment and providing full phone access. It’s usually constructed from two pieces that snap from the bottom and top area of the phone. The Snap-on case can perfectly fit next to the phone as much as possible. It also offers a custom and accurate fitment.

Aluminum Cases 

Aluminum usually comes with heavyweight for perfect cell phone protection. The robust case features a sturdy surface with a clam-shell design. Because of heavy-duty construction, most cases tend to be massive compared to some types of phone cases. The most kind of Aluminum cases usually come with hard plastic, challenging, and screen cover.

Soft-fitted cases 

It categories include a silicon case constructed and often known as skin cases, and neoprene, leather case. Since the Smartphone can be flipped on these soft-fitted cases, generally, fitness is always perfect protectIon against any scratch, and most of these products usually offer a long lasting clip belt.

Otterbox cases

Otterbox cases usually come with style varieties, and other types traditionally designed with a transparent vinyl screen cover. Therefore it is essential to know that cell phone protection dramatically depends on the material case: leather, neoprene, or silicon. Silicon material is likely to be more resilient, and due to its flexibility, it can never crack easily.

Neoprene cases

Neoprene cases are naturally severe and can offer an adequate number of shock protection. A soft fitment case always tends to ideal for candy bar cell phone models such as Blackberry Niagara 9630 instead of flip cellphones such as Motorolla Nextel i776.

Cell phone case rates

Their prices range from a low-cost silicon case to costly leather costs that can exceed to $30. Visit the otterbox case website for more helpful tips for choosing the right one. You can also visit your nearest cell phone store for more device case varieties.