Jewish culture is one of the most orthodox cultures in the world. Their culture and practices are very religion-oriented. They still follow their religion minutely, and they abide by the religious rules. Although in modern era some changes have been made with the time, the modification is limited.

According to Judaism, women are only child-bearer and there are certain rules Jewish women have to follow including clothing rules. Jewish culture is patriarchal, so the women have to maintain certain customs in public and private. There was a great influence on the Jewish clothing for women because of the religious barriers.

Mediaeval to the modern era:

Earlier in the Roman Empire, Jewish women had to wear headscarf in order to cover their hair after marriage. It was the custom that married women have to cover their hairs. In Roman Empire it was only Jewish women who used to veil themselves in public. Then the Roman women abolished it. But later some orthodox Jew women brought this custom back to distinguish themselves from other western women.

In the mediaeval era, Jewish women veiled their faces being influenced by the muslin culture. Also they used to hide their faces so that the muslin sultans couldn’t see their faces. The pious Jew women used to cover their hair with shawl.

The modern Jew women do not veil their faces or cover themselves with shawls. Their clothing has changed according to modern time, but as they abide by the religious rules, they have alternated some of the customs. They use wigs in order to hide their real hair, and they don’t wear revealing clothes. And by Jewish rules, they wear a lot of blue outfits.

The modern clothing:

Social media is reigning today’s fashion world. They are coming up with new trends every day. So now the religious but fashionable women have come up with their unique ideas of modest fashion.

A few years back when fashion cycled back to more modest clothing, it was distinctively for religious influence. Some women believe in their religion, but at the same time they want to adopt the newest trends. This made the way easier to the orthodox religious women.

They can now enjoy fashion with modesty. The social media has helped this trend to flourish more. The social media attention has made this religious-minded dressing into a cultural consciousness where it has become not just another fashion trend but a prodigal and lucrative market.

These way orthodox women could make their stand in the fashion industry. But among all these designers, one needs to navigate and find properly what they’re looking for. These designers basically sell their products through social media. This way it’s easy to access

Jewish clothing for women.

Instagram bloggers who promote this modest fashion helps people to find these by showcasing the clothes in their posts. That’s how they expose the Jew brands that make modest, sustainable clothing for women.

The only negative part is that people have to order online and sometimes they can end up getting something which they don’t like. Here come the bloggers who showcase these garments and promote them; at the same time believe in modest fashion for Jewish clothing for women.

Author’s bio:

The author Michelle Grimes is a writer at a local Israeli magazine. She is a lifestyle blogger, so it’s her genre where she keeps track of this kind of offbeat stories regarding modest fashion. She is part Jewish, so she knows some of the rituals by herself. And for other queries she has researched and surveyed.