Jewelry is a women’s best friend. Pearls are the most preferred piece of ornament which is the most beautiful among any of the ornament used to make jewelry.

Japanese Akoya Pearls – 

  • Akoya pearls are cultured by humans in the land of Vietnam, China, South Korea, and Australia. It is cultivated in the mollusk of the Pinctada genus.
  • Japanese Akoya pearls are basically named to indicate that those Akoya pearls which are cultivated in Japan.
  • The Akoya pearls which are cultivated in Japan are the hybridization between two species of mollusks which are Pinctadafucata and Pinctada Chemnitz. Pinctadafucata is the native species of Akoya mollusks in the coastal Sea of Japan.
  • Japan is the most popular country to produce Akoya pearls which are a signification of beauty and grace. Akoya pearls are beautifully cultivated on the lands of Japan under the supervision of best cultivators without harming any mollusks.

Japanese Akoya pearls can be used as a pearl necklace, earring, or any other jewelry. Akoya pearls are considered the best quality pearls due to their various features. A single strand of Akoya pearls is the most valuable strand in the whole world.

Features of Japanese Akoya pearls: 

  • Size of Akoya pearls 

Generally, the Japanese Akoya pearls have a typical size ranging between 2 mm to 11 mm. However, the commonly used Akoya pearls cultured in Japan ranges from 6 mm to 8 mm. For the formation of jewelry, large Akoya pearls are used due to their beautiful significant look.

  • Color variation

Japanese Akoya pearls are present in various different types of colors. The most commonly found colors of Japanese Akoya pearls are white, whether with a slight pink overtone or silverish overtone. These are the most commonly occurring colors of Akoya pearls which are enhanced during the cultivation process.

  • Shape structure

Akoya oysters are the natural cultivators of Akoya pearls, which generally occur in a most beautiful circle shape. That’s why the manual cultivators prefer a perfectly shaped circle pearl for using in jewelry. Other shapes like oval, water drops are very uncommon in use.