In 2021, Korean lipstick is set to become a necessity in your everyday makeup routine. You’ve most likely heard of the well-known Korean skin treatment regimen, yet you might not realize that there are a lot of other Korean beauty trends that are entitled to praise of their very own makeup consisted of from brilliant colored flush to glitter eye make-up. Now, it is time to give your lips their time in the sun.

Soft &natural

The Pattern: Half French-girl smudged, part K-beauty gradient, this lip fad is all about all-natural flushes of color that don’t look completely specific or determined– despite the finish or color. Lip discolorations or multipurpose pigments function wonderfully here, too.

How To Pull It Off: Select a nude lip liner (à la Tran’s appearance) or none whatsoever. Lightly use your selected color– think less is more here– then follow up by smearing it with a sponge, brush, or your very own finger for an even softer line.

Gradient lips are not a must do anymore

Gradient lips are well-known to be a fundamental of K-beauty, however the full-on lipstick appearance is coming back in pattern once more.

More of the Korean ladies desire thicker and bolder lips however they do not want to overline their lips using a lipstick– rather, they try to attain the look of plumper lips with lipsticks that can create a real instantaneous plump result, along with an all-natural ‘flush’.

Apply lip balm for smoother lip appearance

Since we have eliminated the dead skin on our lips, it is time to restore the loss of moisture from our lips.

You can watch out for lip balms that contain ingredients such as shea butter and olive oil which helps to nurture and restore healthy and balanced cells on your lips. Stay away from those that contain menthol or other such components that give a “cooling” experience, which may dry out your lips even more.

Do your lip exfoliation and apply your lip balm first off prior to you do the rest of your skin care and make-up, to ensure that you can offer the lip balm some time to saturate in to your lips. When it’s time to use your lip color, just blot it off with a sheet of tissue paper. Your lips will be a lot silkier and it’ll be easier to accomplish that sought after gradient lips!

Glass & Gloss Will Be Everything In 2021

We’re familiar with glass skin and glossy lips (which was huge in 2020), yet this year the Koreans are actually taking the gloss up a level.

While several of us are still obsessing over matte lipsticks, K-beauty has carried on to a shiny finish. And unlike some of the various other Korean make-up trends we’re loving, this one is specifically fast and simple to experiment with for yourself.