The wedding day is perhaps the most important day in a girl’s life. Some of us plan this day since childhood and many even write whole notebooks regarding our plans for this one day! If you are a soon-to-bride with dream-laden eyes who is searching online for the best apparel ideas for your wedding, this post is for you.

The most popular choices for the material of lehenga, tend to be brocade, chiffon, georgette, raw silks and satin, as they look rich and add a certain volume to the dress. However, the fashion industry is constantly and bringing in new ideas to upgrade each look, and the bridal section is no exception to this norm of the fashion world.

So, it is time you throw out the cliched stylistic codes and opt for something new – Banarasi Silk Lehenga! Traditionally in the eastern part of India, especially in Bengal, A Banarasi silk is considered an asset, and there are very many reasons why it is so.

Let us have a peek into the reasons why the Banarasi silk lehenga is a perfect choice for your D-day; –

Easy to Style

Banarasi silk is a high-quality fabric that is super easy to carry.  Banarasi silk lehengas are easy to style and stay in place. Brides often have a tough time with the dupattas made of certain fabrics and are hard to drape. This won’t be the case with Banarasi silk dupattas. You won’t need a dozen pins to create a neat looking set of pleats on the dupatta. Just one pin to fasten this fabric to your choli is enough.

It is an Investment in Real Sense of the Term

The wedding dress is by far the gaudiest dress we wear in our lifetime. Brides often keep their wedding attire safe in one corner of their closets, devoid of any hope of wearing it ever again. Well, if you opt for a Banarasi silk lehenga, the scenario would be much different. This lehenga typically comes with premium quality zari work all over it that looks rich and classy instead of gaudy.

You can just pair your lehenga with any other blouse of same or contrasting color, and you have a fabulous attire ready, that can be worn at a wedding ceremony of your friend or family member. Banarasi bridal lehenga is an investment in the true sense of the term.

It is Lightweight and Easy to Carry

We have all seen some brides who look uncomfortable on her own wedding dress and can barely move because of its weight. The beauty of premium quality silks is that it isn’t heavy as opposed to other fabrics that are used to fashion bridal lehengas.

Banarasi lehengas come with zari work which isn’t as heavy as stonework or other embellishments. Though fabulously lightweight, it is rich in class-quotient. If you opt for a Banarasi silk bridal lehenga, you would feel lightweight and easy on your wedding day. Tempting right?

It flatters Every Body-type

Videos of brides struggling to lose weight to look perfect on her D-day have surfaced in ample numbers. We have seen them, we have felt them and some of us have gone through that nerve-racking tension. There are some fabrics that might add an extra volume to your visage which is unwanted as it makes you look bulky.

You don’t need to really put yourself on an all-liquid diet if you are planning to adorn a Banarasi silk lehenga on your wedding. This light and flowy fabric of premium quality adds a soft dimension to your look. It makes you look graceful and in shape. Even if you are of the petite type, this fabric can adorn your body in a beautiful way if you opt to purchase a Lehenga with extra pleats. Classic Banarasi silk is for everybody and beautiful lehengas made of this fabric is to die for!

It is a Fusion of Culture and Style

The silks that hail from the mystic land of Banaras, the holiest city in the world, is a classic fabric. It was revered by the queens of India and were found in ample number in their treasure troves.

Banarasi silk has a rich heritage, and lehenga made of this material would undoubtedly reflect its class. But this lehenga can be very versatile in its appeal. You can choose to team this Lehenga with a traditional looking choli or your exhibit your urban fashion sense by teaming this up with a pretty crop-top or an off-shoulder top. No matter how you style it, it would look beautiful and enhance your grace by many folds.

It is a Fabric for All Seasons

Wedding during summer in the tropical climate can be bothersome. It is primarily because this time of the year does not offer comfort. Fabrics like velvets and blended silks can be comfortable only for winter, but can cause a lot of perspiration if worn during summer.The story with Banarasi silk is different, it is a fabric for all seasons. This deluxe material can be worn comfortably in the winter as well as in summer. Its breathable soft texture is skin friendly and does not allow the sultry tropical climate to mar your wedding day.

Gives a Gorgeous Looks

Looking good is the most important thing a bride thinks of at her wedding. Even though Banarasi silk is a light fabric, its texture is gorgeous and would make you look resplendent. It is classy and would give you a gorgeous look that would be both enviable and inspirational. You might as well see a few of your friends emulate your style at their wedding.

Banarasi Lehenga is the latest trend that has a traditional element in it. It is super easy to style, this attire is not limited to your wedding only, it can be worn at other people’s wedding too as it isn’t gaudy. It is lightweight, very easy to carry and flatters every body shape. This fabric can be worn in any season and would make you look absolutely gorgeous.