When your wedding is nearby, and you are going crazy selecting the right gown and heels, many of the finer details do get missed! Though amongst the more prominent preparations, your hairstyle can be the last thing in your mind, it should definitely not be ignored. So, after selecting your bridal attire, your elegant heels, your alluring jewellery, you can finally give some thought to choosing the perfect hairstyle for your big day!

But selecting the best hairstyle isn’t as easy as selecting the best shoe from the rack and taking it back home! This requires you to go through a series of trials and tribulations before you can decide the best hairstyle for your D-day. But this is important — as the hairstyle you choose ultimately impacts your final look like a bride, your presentation and even your comfort level during the ceremony.

Ø  How to choose the best hairstyle for your bridal appearance?

You are going to be the centre of attraction on your wedding day! You certainly have to look the best. But are you well prepared for the same? No, we aren’t just talking about your dress or smile (though they no doubt significant members of the package!) – we are referring to selecting your hairstyle. The first crucial step here is to find the best hair stylist. In Sydney, Exquisite Bridal Hair is one such stylist who can play with your tresses in a creative way and make it look the most impressive and attractively styled. She can even help you prepare your hair from weeks beforehand helping you with proper care, cut, colour – and whatever else you may need. Finally, it is time to pinpoint the hairdo you would flaunt as you say “I do”. Remember hair does have the power to make you look the demure damsel – so that your spouse wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you, and your girlfriends would go gaga over your gorgeousness.

o   Coordinate with your attire — Your hairstyle should gel well with the kind of outfit you shall wear. Like, if you are going off-shoulder and deep neck, your hairstyle shouldn’t stop you from flaunting your smooth skin and can be styled somewhere up with messy locks left here and there for that contemporary touch. If you decided to wear your mom’s or grandma’s vintage gown, soften the severity with a messy bun or cascading curls. Also, if you are carrying those lilies or white roses, you can use one of them to adorn your hair too. Another major deciding factor for hairdo is whether (or not) you shall wear a veil.

o   The season, venue and time matters — What season are you getting married in and at which venue? Is it the chilled winters in a closed banquet hall? Or is it a summer day in open ground or an air-conditioned hotel banquet? Or is it simply a Christmas wedding at midnight happening on a breezy night at the beach? All these matters and impact your selection of hairstyle. For breezy venues, braids are perfect, while in winters you can flaunt loose tresses. And summer calls for a more controlled styling because sweat at the back of your neck wouldn’t be so appealing.

o   Your personal style and physique — When you choose a wedding hairstyle, ensure it matches your personality. If you aren’t comfortable wearing those complex braids and highlights and hair accessories, you wouldn’t feel comfortable in them, and consequently would look fidgety. Also, your height, your girth, the shape of your face – everything is taken into consideration.




 Choosing a bridal hairstyle is a tough job and we totally understand that. But if you know what you desire and are satisfied that it suits your overall look for the function, then the war is already won!