Some things change while others stay the same, so the men’s hairstyles popular among men with thinning hair and receding hairlines are a mix of the old and the new. Whether you’re looking for a new hairstyle to try or perhaps you’re curious and want to make sure your current look is in trend, the following hairstyles are among the most popular this year among men who are losing their hair.

Side Part – A Classic Look

The side part is a classic look for men, especially those who are growing comfortable with middle age and hold celebrities like George Clooney in high regard. Of the 2018 men’s hairstyles that are most popular at the moment, this is one of the most popular, one which suits men of all ages, especially those that favour a distinguished look.

When asking your barber for a side part, ask them to leave at least an extra inch of length on the top as a bit of extra length on type helps to make this a great look. What’s more, if you’re starting to thin on top and you’re worried it’s showing a little too much scalp, there are options available to you, like hair transplants in Turkey which are extremely effective at helping balding men to grow their hair into a great-looking side part.

Disconnected Side Part – A New Take on an Old Classic

The disconnected side part isn’t exactly a new look, though it is very popular at the moment among men from teenagers through to those of a distinguished and gentlemanly age. This hairstyle is essentially a side part with one side phased into the longer hair.

A look that requires a good hairstyling product to really pull off, it’s a great look that suits most men, especially those with straight hair and even if your hair is thinning a little on the top, you can grow your hair a little longer so that you can comb it over, or you could look at having a hair transplant which is actually much more affordable than many men realise.

Long Waves – Long Hair is Back

While it may be a bit of a statement to say that long hair is back, after all, we’re seeing fewer men with long hairstyles these days, there are a few long cuts that are proving very popular around town, including long waves which are a great look for men with thinning hair.

It can take a while to grow your hair to a length in which it will be possible for your barber to style long waves into your hair, though if you have wavy hair that makes shorter hairstyles look a bit too curly, this is a great way to style your hair and you only require salt spray to style it.

These are three of the most popular hairstyles in 2018 among men with thinning hair – if your hair is thinning and you’d like to do something about it, why not look at having a hair transplant in Turkey?