Are you looking up Muslim wedding gifts online? Have you been searching for online Islamic wedding gifts? Move over crockery, apparel, jewellery or cash as gifts to give on weddings. Instead give a personalised gift that is in harmony with the newly married couple’s faith, beliefs and traditions. Indeed, a gift that they would be delighted to receive and value through the rest of their lives. A gift that once they see, they know for sure that you’ve put in thought, effort and care in buying it or getting it made.

If it’s a Muslim couple, as we indicated in the beginning of the article, then a gift that resonates with Islamic culture would be an excellent idea. You must be well aware of the art of Arabic calligraphy – it is unique to Muslims, and really has no parallel. Arabic calligraphy, or more commonly known as Islamic calligraphy, is the art of writing the verses of the Quran in beautiful styles. You see Arabic calligraphy in Muslim homes as well as on mosques and Muslim-built historical monuments such as the Taj Mahal. The latter has verses of the Quran engraved on its walls.

The Quran, and the Hadith, are the sources of the text of Islamic calligraphy. The Quran, which is the Holy Book of Muslims, has verses on all aspects of life, including marriage. There are verses that cover specifically the issue of marriage.

Some of them we have mentioned here (please note that ‘ayat’ and ‘surah’ are Arabic for verse and chapter respectively):

Surah Al Baqarah, Ayat no. 187: “They (your wives) are a garment for you and you too are a garment for them.”

A garment has multiple uses – it covers our physical selves, including our shameful parts, bodily injuries or other marks, it shields us from dust, grime and extreme heat or cold, and it adds beauty and grace to our personalities. In the same manner, the husband and the wife should be like garments to each other, that is, they should protect one another from foes, keep their secrets between themselves, and add grace to one another.

Surah Al-Room, Ayat no. 21: “And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.”

When stress takes us over, we must seek and give comfort to our spouses. Allah helps us in this process, by filling us with affection and compassion for one another.

Surah Al-Naba, Ayat no. 8: ‘And We created you in pairs.’

We all know that spending lives with our “better halves” is beautiful, and indeed a blessing, which we must cherish by being kind and loving towards one another.

You can ask a calligrapher or an Islamic art store to transcribe any one of the above verses in calligraphy, which you can then frame on order to give as a gift to a newly married Muslim couple. You are likely to find these if you look up Muslim wedding gifts online. Search on Google for online Islamic wedding gifts as a start.