Who does not dream of having a long, silkier, smoother, and thick healthy hair? To be honest, both women and men want to keep their hair in great condition. As for many, hair is their crowning glory that has a big impact on their overall physical appearance. A healthy hair can be considered healthy if the hair is strong, smooth, silky and thick. Besides, a thick kind of hair is an alluring hair that enables you to shine brightly and can make people appear neat and tidy. And that is the kind of hair health condition most people wanted to achieve.

Want that long and silky hair that you watched on the commercial? Generally speaking, this kind of hair is often exaggerated for promotional purposes in TV ads, it is utilized for hair products, hair care, hair accessories, etc. But to get the hair of your dreams can be easily attainable in real life, for your info.

Below are some of the most must-kept secrets by hairdressers near Brunswick Victoria to keep your hair healthy, silky, and smoother at the same time.

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Secret #1: Give Your Hair a Regular Trim

Make sure you get your hair regularly trimmed at the salon. Having a regular trimming session by a professional stylist can make your hair grow healthier compared to others. Short hairs can be trimmed every 4 to 8 weeks. On the other hand, for medium to long hair, trimming is advisable every 6 to 12 weeks of growth. Or perhaps, you can browse their hair magazine for Hairdressing Ideas to give your hair a new look.

If visiting a salon is not your thing, then if you are confident enough, you can simply trim your hair by yourself at home. All you need to have is a pair of scissors to begin your do-it-yourself home hair trimmings.

Secret #2: Cleanse Your Hair Regularly by Using a Shampoo and Conditioner

It is essential to cleanse your hair every day by using a shampoo and conditioner, doing this can help to clean your scalp. When you shampoo, you should pay attention to your scalp and not at the ends of your hair. Also, keep in mind that you must only use the right amount of shampoo that may vary depending on the length of your hair.

Because applying too much shampoo makes your hair dry by removing all the natural essential oils that are mainly responsible for keeping your hair moisturized. How frequently you washed your hair will all be depending on your hair texture, so once or twice a week of using shampoo is well-suited for most people.

Besides, using a conditioner after every shampoo is a must to make your hair soft, shiny and moisturized. It is also advisable to use a high-quality conditioner almost every day even if you don’t use shampoo.

Simply, dry your wet hair with a clean towel before applying your chosen conditioner. Apply the conditioner at the tip of your hair and not on the roots.

Secret #3: Use Hair Oils

This the most basic step and yet most people don’t know this idea which can promote the hair to grow healthier. It is a traditional way of ensuring that your hair will look healthy, shiny, and smoother. It works by utilizing the amount of oil produced by the natural oil glands in the skin of your head.

The oil that comes from your skin will moisturize your hair and your scalp. To have a better result, you may use coconut, almond, or olive oil to your scalp and hair strands regularly.