Are you crazy about a stripper or want to date a stripper? Are you trying to date a stripper but you just aren’t sure what to do or how to go about asking her out? How do you know when she is into you or when she is just being polite or playing you like every other customer?

Her Name – Somewhere along the line you should ask her what her real name is. Most Newcastle Strippers go by a stage name to appear more enticing to guys and also to hide their identity. Knowing a woman’s first name is halfway to knowing her entire name and she doesn’t want any stalkers knowing even half of her name.

Chances are she won’t give you her real name until she does feel at least a little comfortable with you. This by no means is an indication that she is crazy in love with you or that she wants to date you but it does show a degree of trust. So if a stripper does tell you her real name you are on the right track but you aren’t quite there yet. You still have a ways to go before she will agree to go out on a date with you.

Down Time – There are often lulls in the action at most strip clubs. It might be early in her shift or just before closing or just a natural lull in the action at the club. Does she come over and sit down next to you to talk or watch one of the other dancers dance?

Spending time talking with you while not sitting on your lap is a good indication that she feels comfortable with you and is a good indication that a stripper does consider you something maybe a little bit more than just a customer. You might still be a customer or a very good customer but time spent talking while she is not taking money from you is always a good sign. You have done something to make her feel that you aren’t a creep and are at least enjoyable to talk with. One point for you.

Of course, nothing is absolute and these are just a couple of tips that could prove that you are on the right track to dating the stripper of your dreams… a woman probably hotter than any woman you have ever dated who also knows a lot about what turns a guy on and how to accomplish this task with great expertise.

Just remember that strippers are just women who have a very different kind of job. They have the same need for social interaction outside of work and they typically don’t date customers. Of course they do date guys that they meet at the club! You could be one of those guys and live the life that many guys only dream of by dating a stripper.

Here’s how most guys act when they go into strip clubs. And I like to call these 99% of guys as “stripper repellent”.