You have been thinking about putting up a shoe store.  This is one of the ingenious ideas that could push you to the millionaires’ club sooner than you imagined. With shoe business, passion is what matters; do you have a liking for shoes? Is there a particular sneaker that you can’t miss in your wardrobe? However, for you to succeed in the sneakers business, think about numbers. What strategies do you have for bringing in numbers? Thus, the stock design, color, and lighting should be appealing to the customers. What’s your target market? – The upscale patrons who care about their luxury or it’s the economy minded. Whatever class you target, the store should meet the expectations and needs of the customer.

What are some of the tips that will make you succeed as a shoe dealer?

Mind about the interior

What impressions do you want to create for your establishment? The signage, the logo, and the exterior design must appeal to your customers. If for instance, you specialize in a certain type of footwear- it could be the athletic, designer or any other, the elements in the exterior must convey the spirit behind your store’s inventory. Therefore, those customers who are not familiar with your store will easily identify it.

Be intentional on your window design

You will agree that before a customer comes calling, they must be convinced by what they see. Most customers will window shop before they get into your store, thus, your display must be catchy while representing the brand’s offerings. Ensure that the shoe brand name is conspicuous so that a prospect will identify the name they love. Whether it’ the Air force 1 or the Air Max 90, display your rare sneakers attractively – they’ll capture the attention of your prospects.  Again, whatever you display must be convincing to the customer and thus, discounts and giveaways should be visible. Ensure the shoe arrangement complements the attendant’s signage.  Do not crowd the displays and the plate glass should be spotless.

Your inventory

You need to have a list of how the different types of shoes sell- the ones that move faster and ones that will take months on the shelves. Get stock aging codes, which will show you the inventory levels; what to reorder and the stocks to reduce. Remember, business is all about leverage.


You are not the only store in town and therefore, the competition is strategizing on how to draw customers to their shop. You, therefore, must up your game. One of the best ways to ensure that your shoe shop stands out is through the interior and display lighting. With good lighting design, many customers will be attracted to your store- who would want to be found in a funny, unkempt place anyway. If you are a luxury retailer, subdue the place with some rosy or golden light. For a family tore, get some practical bright lighting that is cheerful.

For you to succeed in the shoe store business, you must think about your target market. What are their likes and dislikes? This will ensure that you provide what will sell. Again, to come out as a strong brand, you may want to choose some specific sneakers from renowned brands like Nike, Adidas and such- this will make you stand out among the competition.