Wondering what heck No Face Spirited Away is, and why people are showing huge interest in this? If yes, then you have come to the right page.

Let’s begin about “Spirited Away”.  It is one of the most popular animated films ever made by Hayao Miyazaki’s. It was the first ever animated film that incarcerated imaginations of people from all over the globe. Amazingly, it won almost 54 awards, which also include “the Oscar for Best Animated Feature” and it is often ranked as the ultimate animated film of all time.

For those who fail to understand why this film got a lot of praise and value, here are the reasons that help them to know why it should be your favorite movie:

The first thing that is good about “Spirited Away” is every framework of this film is beautiful. At the starting, there are incredible shots of rolling hills, abandoned buildings, rocks, etc. In addition to it, there are very bright colors, scary creatures, like no face and beautiful lights. There are some scenes in the film that are both slow and quiet. The best thing about “Spirited Away” is that every scary scene is visually very compelling.

Just like other Ghibli Studio films, the plot of this animated movie seems to function on dream-logic. It is all because Hayao Miyazaki does not write scripts. And he likes to begin by simply drawing storyboards and then, let the story build naturally.

Now, it comes to the main character of “Spirited Away” i.e. Chihiro, who is 10-year old. Even though she is known as a film hero, she is a realistic representation of 10-year old girl too. At the starting, she is sad about the thing that her family members are moving and so, she has to take admission in new school. She always sticks with her parents, but when her family was separated from her, she starts a panic. But, in the end, she learns how to live independently. Even though Chihiro has no powers, but she is still a very resilient and resourceful character in the movie.

There are many people who think it is an animated movie designed for children to watch only. However, this animated movie has themes and elements that can appeal to anyone, but not only children. The movie depicts a story about one girl who needs to grow up quickly. What’s more? It is a different film from other animated movies, as not all characters are completely good or completely evil.

Watch “Spirited Away” and you will surely love it. If you want to watch more movies by Hayao Miyazaki’s, then prefer My Neighbor Totoro. After you watch both movies, you definitely can’t resist yourself to buy T-Shirts based on movie characters. Go to Ghibli Store and buy your favorite character apparels and T-shirts.