While having a draw full of t-shirts is okay when you’re 15, as you get older, you should diversify your style to make it more grown up. There are occasions when a t-shirt won’t do, such as interviewing for a job or attending a wedding. In order to be prepared for almost any occasion, here are some shirt styles you need to have in your closet.

White Long-Sleeved Shirts

Every man needs to have at least one white long-sleeved shirt in his wardrobe to wear for more formal occasions. Select a shirt with a pointed collar and one with shorter tails so if you decide to wear it untucked the tails won’t be too long. You will usually wear these to the office, but on occasion you can wear a white shirt with khakis and a jumper when you want to dress up in a more casual outfit.

Linen Shirts

Add a linen shirt to your closet to wear casually or when you want to wear a blazer with a pair of trousers for a nice date. Since linen wrinkles easily, you can wear it rumpled with a pair of shorts to the beach or with a pair of jeans for drinks at the pub with your friends. Although you can pair a linen shirt with cotton slacks or shorts, don’t wear it with a linen suit.

Seersucker Shirts

A seersucker button-down shirt is a good choice for warm days because the fabric is lightweight and breathable. Choose a colour or pattern that best fits your style. A candy-striped pattern is one of the most common styles. The button-down style looks dressy, although the shirt is casual and can be worn with cotton trousers, blue jeans, or walking shorts.

Polo Shirts

The polo shirt is probably one of the most versatile shirts that a man can wear. It can be worn in the office on business casual days or you can pair polo shirts with jeans, khakis, or shorts for going to brunch on Sunday morning. Many organisations and sporting outfits choose polos because they can be made from a variety of fabrics such as cotton that help wick away moisture and they are easy to clean.

Plaid Shirts

Add a plaid button-down or a plaid work shirt to your closet when you want to wear a more casual looking buttoned shirt. Plaid shirts are back in vogue because hipsters like to wear them and they can be a warm addition to your winter-wear collection. A two-colour plaid shirt is the most common style, but you can find plaid shirts in Scottish tartan patterns as well.

Graphic T-Shirts

You can keep some of your t-shirts in your wardrobe for puttering around the house on your days off. They can also be worn to casual events, such as to a football match with friends or when grabbing a quick bite to eat.

As you grow up, your wardrobe needs to grow with you so you have clothes for every occasion.