The days are slowly getting longer and longer and more and more customers are thinking of changing their wardrobe from winter to spring.

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We present 3 tips to help you prepare your shop window for the colorful season.

Colorful motif prints

It’s a solution for those who don’t have enough time to get new decorations. Large prints with spring-like motifs give your shop window a fresh look. You can order prints on wooden board or hardboard. Large stickers are also a good idea. Use colors that are associated with cheerfulness and freshness, such as green, yellow and pink.

Modern mannequins

It is impossible to imagine clothing stores without mannequins. They not only show you the latest collections, but can also be used as decorative elements and emphasize the style of the respective collection. You can emphasize the spring look of the shop window with female or male mannequins in dynamic poses. We also recommend mannequins with movable limbs that can be set up as you like, or you can use mannequins in pastel shades.

Artificial plants

In spring some people redesign their garden. Plants are life after all! However, the natural ones are difficult to maintain in the shop window. Therefore, rely on artificial plants such as flowers, shrubs or branches. They can be made of silk, plastic, or paper. Pay attention to the quality – the high-quality plants can be deceptively similar to the real ones and be used as decoration for years.

Another spring during the pandemic

When preparing shop windows for the slowly approaching spring, it is worth taking into account the trends in shopping behavior caused by the pandemic. A large number of employees still work from home, so their clothing needs are definitely different. Since last year, a looser style has reigned in the fashion market. The clothes should be nice, but most of all comfortable. Therefore, it is worth not to forget to put some of them on the window shop window. This can attract a lot more potential customers looking for everyday clothing.

What colors will reign in spring 2021?

The most fashionable colors of the upcoming spring season will be: rust orange, amethyst violet, muted green, intense pink, cream, baby blue and metallic silver.