Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Well, not so fast!

There are many precious gems in the world. From diamonds to rubies to sapphires, nature has truly produced some of the greatest objects of beauty imaginable. And yet science has managed to give nature a run for its money with synthetic versions of popular gemstones.

In fact, many synthetic gems are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. If you’re still not convinced, you’ve come to the right place for information.

This article takes a look at synthetic gem trends that might surprise you. Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

What Is a Synthetic Gem?

First, let’s start with the basics. A synthetic or lab-created gem is a gem that has literally been grown in a lab. This type of gem is designed to mirror the appearance of natural diamonds.

Make no mistake, these are beautiful gems and can be very deceptive at first glance, but they are not diamonds.

How Are They Created?

The process for producing lab-created diamonds is actually very sophisticated and complicated. It’s a scientific process requiring a specific type of lab that generates carbon atom structures and optical characteristics that closely resemble the same results produced by Mother Nature.

The Difference Between Synthetic and Real Diamonds

Now let’s take a look at the major differences between synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds.

One of the primary differences is the length of time required to produce a completed gem. It takes billions of years for the earth to form a natural diamond, while lab-grown diamonds can be grown in a matter of weeks.

It’s also important to remember that natural diamonds are one-of-a-kind while lab-created diamonds can be mass-produced. Natural diamonds are highly-coveted and have a 50%+ resale value, while synthetic diamonds have no resale value.

This resource will help you know the difference.

What Is the Price Difference?

The price difference between natural diamonds and lab-created diamonds is significant. After all, there is a tremendous difference in quality. But more than that, there’s a limited supply of natural diamonds while there is an unlimited supply of mass-produced synthetic diamonds.

Why are Synthetic Diamonds So Popular?

There’s no denying the fact that the popularity of lab-grown gems is growing more and more each year. Why is this? Well, people love saving money.

The reality is that many people would rather spend less on a larger gem, even if this means the product is artificial. After all, buying diamonds can cost tens of thousands of dollars while an artificial gem typically costs far less, yet is similar in appearance.

Should You Buy a Synthetic Gem?

Deciding between a natural diamond or a synthetic gem boils down to taste and what you can afford. Lab-created diamonds offer tremendous value, and most people will never be able to tell the difference.

A Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Synthetic Gems

There’s nothing better than owning beautiful jewelry. Fortunately, this guide to buying your first diamond will help you see the wisdom of investing in synthetic gems rather than natural diamonds.

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