The notorious bachelor party is likely on your mind whether you’re the groom or the best man. While it’s easy to identify group members when drink after drink gets consumed throughout the night, the perfect bachelor party t-shirt also means great pictures.

Taking that into account, here are nine bachelor party t-shirt ideas to get you started.

Choosing the dark side

You may choose this Star Wars-inspired bachelor party tee if you are cynical about marriage (or planning the bachelor party for your best friend and will miss his presence). If she has a sense of humor, you might not want to tell the bachelorette!

It’s a wedding for this guy…

The perfect choice for the wedding-excited guy who wants to share his excitement with the world. What about his happy bachelor party guests? If you are in the mood to try something different, you might want to consider “This dude is having a bachelor party!”

It’s game over

The bachelorette is also required to show some sense of humor in this situation. Bachelor parties are always fun for the bachelor party crew because they can poke fun at the groom-to-be, and yes, single life does come to an end after the bachelor party. We can’t wait to see what happens in the bachelor game–let’s hope the bachelor doesn’t feel as dejected as the guy on this t-shirt.

The farewell tour

This bachelor party t-shirt resembles a t-shirt from an iconic band’s farewell tour. You can also add the names of the participating bars or the names of the bachelors on the back. It doesn’t get better than this–or a gym t-shirt!

The posse

You might want your bachelor party to stand out from other bachelor parties, but still honor a constant theme with your t-shirts. It is easy to customize these grooms/groomsmen shirts to say a variety of things, such as Bachelor and Bachelor’s Buddies, or whatever tickles your fancy!

It’s a stag party!

It’s what it is on this t-shirt! These stag party t shirts are perfect if you’re looking for something to wear to your stag party. Additionally, you can wear it to other stag parties, too (without customizing it).

Give me a shot

Having your adoring bar crowd send you freebies is one of the best perks of being the bachelor. With bachelor party t-shirts that say what’s on your mind, others will be able to connect the dots.


The bachelor party t-shirt is an appropriate way to warn others when the bachelor party is in full swing, which is exactly what it is meant to accomplish. Are there any new members joining your party after this warning? They’re responsible for that.

The tuxedo shirt

What better way to end this list than with a classy note? There are many situations in which a tuxedo shirt works well, but perhaps no situation so perfectly suits the tuxedo shirt as a bachelor party. Don’t be afraid to wear it, and if you want, pair it with sneakers! The party is all yours.