Everyone is unique and your hair is not an exception. Your hair is as special as you are and it deserves proper treatment. Pay attention to the hair products you use. Do they really suit your hair and scalp type? Bumble & Bumble brand has a big variety of hair care products. Let’s explore them together!

What is Bumble & Bumble?

In 1977 Bumble and bumble started as a small beauty salon in New York City. Nowadays, it is a massive corporation which has a lot of shops and beauty salons. Fashion is in Bumble and Bumble’s DNA. They went through many years making boundary-pushing looks at shoots, shows and on set.

The brand developed a special formula that works to seal split ends and smooth hair scales. All products are lightweight. Using Bumble and Bumble products will give your hair a lift whilst still remaining delicate enough for the scalp.

So let’s take your hair to the next level with Bumble and Bumble products!

Products for curly hair

Curly hair could be really hard to manage. Tired of dealing with frizz? Try out products for curly hair from Bumble and Bumble brand. The special formula in its products effectively moisturizes hair, smoothes it, thereby eliminating strong frizz. Bumble and Bumble products will give your curls elasticity, softness and silkiness, make them obedient, without creating the effect of grease or film on the hair. Regular use of Bumble and Bumble products for curly hair will help your hair always look well-groomed and beautiful.

Products for straight hair

Well-groomed hair, volume at the roots, and smooth styling all this you can achieve with Bumble and Bumble products for straight hair. Sometimes straight hair could look too dry at the ends. Hair treatments from this brand provide needed nutrition for the hair and help to maintain healthy condition and good look.

Products for thin hair

For thin hair to look fuller and thicker try out special products developed by Bumble and Bumble. Its products for thin hair make it visually thicker due to the intense moisturizing effect. By filling the hair with moisture, it gives it pomp, luxurious volume and enchanting diamond shine. All products are enriched with vitamins to strengthen and protect hair.

Styling products

Bumble and Bumble styling products do not weigh down the hair and do not leave a greasy effect. With its products you will be able to create light, soft, and natural styling. Your hair will always have a well-groomed look. Also some styler’s formula has filters to protect hair from aggressive UV rays and heat styling.

All the products are original and dermatologically tested. Bumble and Bumble products are made of natural ingredients with flower extracts, full of vitamins and minerals. All products are gluten, sulfate, and cruelty-free.

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At Utiee, we care about your natural beauty.