We all know that watches in the present era are not just timekeeping devices or wearable fashion. With the advent, growth, and spread of the smart watch phenomenon like wildfire, we don’t usually get to see the old “time-only” watches anymore. One might ask, where did this smart watch fever begin? At what point in time watches became capable of more than timekeeping? The answer to that lies in the wonder called “Timex Datalink” which is much more than just a girl’s fashion watch or men’s sports accessory. Released in 1944, the watch was first to synchronize personal data from a computer. This watch was built as a result of an impeccable partnership between the giants of two fields, Microsoft in technology and Timex in the timekeeping. The device Timex Datalink was launched by Bill Gates in 1995 at a Microsoft event and it was quite a demonstration that he gave.

Do you want to know why we call it the mother of all smartwatches? Watch out for its features in 1995:

  • Stored up to 150 phone numbers.
  • Synchronized contacts, appointments, and to-do lists directly from your computer
  • Allowed to set five separate daily alarms
  • The watch came with twelve loadable “WristApps” like stopwatch, countdown timer, and a golf scorekeeper
  • It also offered 10 selectable chime/beep sound effects
  • The dimensions were 11.2mm thick, 42mm diameter, and weighed 114g
  • The watch came with a three-row LCD and its bottom row was an 8-character dot-matrix display
  • Not to miss, a jaw-dropping “Three-year” battery life on a single replaceable CR2025 3V battery.

The watch wirelessly collects all this information from the PC. With no use of Bluetooth, the wireless technology of the Datalink is so amazing that it still needs to be seen to be believed.

Now, there has to be a reason that we say it keeps time galaxy-wide, right?

And indeed, there is. It so happens that there have been very few watches that have received a certified tag from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Timex Datalink belongs to the earliest generation of them. It has been used by Astronauts in space, for ages. After all, something as legendary as this was nothing but expected out of an epic partnership between Microsoft and Timex.

Over a period of time, Datalink has had many upgrades and newer models, like the Ironman Triathlon.

Now, Timex India is geared up to launch three more revolutionary brands- the American Documents, The Marlin Automatic, and the Q Timex Reissue, which are exemplary of the revolutionary spirit that Timex is synonymous with. Similar to the wireless data transfer of the Timex Datalink that leave people awestruck till date, the three new launches are embedded with innovation, strength and durability.

Be it women’s watches online shopping or something out-of-the-box for men out there, Timex India is replete with options to satisfy the shopaholic in you.