Living in such a fast-moving time with many events and experiences every day, the thing of the highest importance is the ability to stop and look around. The most precious thing in the life of every person remains his family and children. ADONIS medical group of companies for more than 23 years cares about the most important things of people’s well-being – their health!

ADONIS center for reproductive medicine helps to overcome the most sophisticated fertility problems with the help of the latest technologies, brilliantly educated medical staff and accommodations of best comfort.

Different direction to choose from, to the most various requests:

  • IVF technological department – innovation processes to become parents which include egg/sperm donation from ADONIS own donor base of the worldwide quality
  • Surrogacy Unit – result-focused Gestational Surrogacy Programs of different options which ensure a successful pregnancy and easy birth process
  • Prenatal Care Direction – the best care during the pregnancy on the base of ADONIS clinics, the newest neonatology department with experienced obstetrician-gynecologists help to avoid critical situations and maintain the best health state
  • Delivery Programs – the great service for mothers and their newborns in ADONIS own Maternity Hospitals with after delivery professional support

Every aspect of the Fertility subject is thought out in ADONIS Fertility clinic. Years of experience of professionals serves at the pleasure of our patients. The best qualification is the advantage which we are proud of.

European standards and technological novelties

The outstanding facilities on the base of ADONIS clinics are provided during the treatment process and examination conducting. The adherence to the standards of European level is our main hallmark.

The modern equipment includes laminar boxes, microscopes, world-famous produced lasers (ORIGIO, K-SYSTEM, ESCO, NIKON), highly controlled embryo development environment and conditions with special air-filtration system.

ADONIS own embryo laboratory provides special andrology examination for men’s fertility and health (spermogram, sperm check, sperm preparation for fertilization, MAR-tests, HB- and ROS-tests).

ADONIS ‘own cryobank provides the opportunity to preserve your biomaterial for some duration of time till there will be neediness. Storage of gametes, embryos, donor’s materials both men and women. Ideally maintained surroundings with special storage vessels and liquid nitrogen will keep the most valuable materials in their best form.

Market leadership

The quality medical care treatment together with affordability of the programs helps ADONIS to take a leadership position on the market. Our main positioning is to provide the best medicine for everyone without limits. The main limit now is the high cost, ADONIS provides the best prices (in comparison/ for example, with such medical establishments as Olive Fertility Clinic) and highly professional care.

Treating fertility problems is no more of a sky-high price tag. Together with ADONIS you will experience the new step of medicine for everyone.

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