Love has always been a special chapter for anyone. Being in love is one of the passionate experiences that wants to add one’s last name as their name. Being in love has always been a stunning movement for one. They stay in cloud nine. Searching for your loved one has always been a difficult task. Meeting people, talking to them, and start dating requires some spark. And then, deciding to stay together is a great step. Lucky are those who reach a final destination. Getting hitched with our loved one is everything that we want to be perfect. Right from engagement rings Melbourne to our dress. Get lost in each other. It is the most special time when both decide to stay together for the rest of life. They want everything to be planed. It shows the strength of love and commitment.

Engagement rings Melbourne is the first step towards life to stay forever. Each time we see the ring on our ring finger, it reminds us of our love that we share between us. The exquisite ring designs will make the event of your life more special. No matter what type of ring we choose, a beautifully designed piece will surely make it look lovely for the last breadth until you are together. Your love will bloom more.

Types of ring

Choosing the right ring style for you and your fiancé-to-be is not an easy task. We must determine the design and type of diamond that suits us.

Rings styles vary in appearance. Despite being made of the same metal, styles of rings will be different.

  • Solitaire

The most classic ring designs are solitaire. They are most commonly top-rated by couples. A metal claw that tightly grips the diamond is called prong. They can be round, flat, or V-shaped. Designs are simple and easy to maintain.

  • Halo

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

The halo design is beautiful. The diamonds or gemstones are placed in the center. They are a great option if you are looking for something simple. It sparks the design. The stone appears large. They come in various shapes. Some can have a tiny flower. Such rings when combines with color metal, it looks stunning. Color plays with such designs.

  • Three prong

 The combination of three stones comes in either the same size or the center stone is comparatively large as compared to the two stones. They come in a different style. Princesses cut and round cut are popular. Sometimes, the other two stones can be sapphires, rubies, or emeralds. It adds a different spark to the design. It enhances the color contrast and makes it perfect for the occasion.