Models permeate Western society. Their work’s so widespread most people don’t subconsciously process the fact that they’re looking at models. You may see models on billboards or images on products. Models are also commonly featured in ads on public transit and social media, TV commercials, and print ads in magazines and newspapers.

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports models earned median annual incomes of $31,910 in 2020. However, the most successful models took home more than $124,000 the same year. For some, modeling is the sole goal. Others use modeling to launch an acting career. Whatever your long-term goal, you can use these tips to launch your career as a male model.

Invest in your physical health.

When you’re auditioning for modeling gigs or trying to get signed by a modeling agency, they’ll consider your appearance. Becoming a male model begins with self-care. Self-care involves skincare, diet, and exercise.

Use quality skincare products to remove dead skin and pollutants from your skin. Using a toner helps smooth out your skin tone, ensuring it looks good. Using moisturizer prevents dry skin if you’re working in challenging weather conditions. Cold air, high winds, and air-conditioned environments can all cause dry skin.

Maintaining a healthy diet also plays a crucial role in your skincare routine. Acne outbreaks may be triggered by consuming dairy products and foods that increase your blood sugar, such as rice and bread. Maintaining a healthy diet will also help you maintain your weight.

Your exercise routine has a significant impact on your appearance. Work out to build and maintain your muscle tone and weight to ensure you’re ready to work as a fit model.

Create a portfolio.

Models use their portfolios to secure agency representation and modeling jobs. Whether you start with iPhone photos or hire a professional photographer from the start, adding new photos to your portfolio is crucial.

Invest in photo storage for your images. Obtaining free photo storage is a great way to retain your photos and keep them together, ensuring you have easy access to any photos you need. You can upload images to your online photo storage and access them with a mobile device, computer, or tablet. With photo storage services, you won’t have to worry about high-quality images consuming space on your hard drive or how to recover your photos if your hard drive crashes.

Use your photo files to produce photo prints and add those prints to your portfolio. Your portfolio should feature images suitable for the type of modeling you’re pursuing. Some people aim for a career as a hand model, while others pursue opportunities as a fashion model. Fashion models include runway models, who model clothes at fashion events around the globe.

Take courses.

Although there aren’t academic requirements for modeling, you can opt to attend courses at a modeling school to learn about the industry and refine your modeling skills. It helps if you understand the significance of lighting and other technical considerations that could affect photo shoots. Your knowledge ensures you’re prepared for on-set experiences and able to conduct yourself professionally when launching your modeling career.

Find an agent.

Finding an agent is a crucial step on your career journey. Modeling agents have modeling industry connections and promote their clients when they learn of modeling opportunities. Modeling agents review personal details, such as your weight, height, and age. They also review your portfolio. Once an agent signs you, they’ll work to place you in modeling gigs.

Build your social media presence.

Models can generate demand by capitalizing on opportunities to get noticed. Today, becoming a social media influencer could lead to agency representation and modeling opportunities. Build a following on Instagram to raise your profile and generate interest from agents and potential clients.

Male models may work as fashion models, commercial models, or runway models. Maintain a health regimen to maintain your body weight and physique, and use skincare products to look your best. Build a portfolio of images and take courses that can help you find an agent. You can also increase opportunities for a successful career by building your social media presence.