The corporate world is fast changing, and not just when it comes to flexible hours and working from home. The corporate dress code of 2019 is far more relaxed than it was ten, or even five, years ago. But whilst taking advantage of the casual dress code is great for your comfort and personal style, you still want to look smart, slick and polished for your clients (and maybe even post-work drinks).

So how can men combine casual with corporate and still look sharp?

Don’t shy away from tailoring

When we hear the words ‘tailored suit’ we immediately think of expensive, stuffy tuxes and boxy corporate nightmares. But tailoring doesn’t have to mean pricey or uncomfortable. Done properly, tailoring is actually just about having a suit that actually fits and compliments your body shape.

So, whether you’re buying mens clothing online or prefer to try a few things on before you buy, don’t be afraid to invest in a tailored suit or even just a smart tailored blazer. Look for modern tailoring that looks sharp with a slim, lean cut.

Top tip: With modern tailoring, the shoulders should still be defined with slight padding but less boxy than traditional suits. This will make you look effortlessly slick but with an air of casual at the same time.

Invest in your wardrobe foundations

Now that you’ve embraced the idea of tailored clothing, you can invest in a few wardrobe staples. When you are buying these items, think longevity and versatility. For example, if you invest in a high quality, modern and tailored blazer, you can pair that with smart suit pants for a traditionally corporate vibe, or wear it with chinos, knits, t-shirts, denim jeans and pretty much anything else you can think of for a smart-casual look.

Top tip: When investing in a blazer or jacket, look for one that is shorter than your traditional suit jacket. This will make it more versatile as it will pair better with jeans and casual pants.

When you invest in high quality staples, it elevates the rest of your wardrobe and allows you to mix, match and layer to create a different style every day. So if you’ve got a meeting in the morning followed by casual client drinks in the afternoon, you can make your outfit work for both and without breaking your budget!

Mix it up!

The modern man isn’t afraid to mix things up. Don’t get bogged down by traditional, matching suits. Get creative and layer your outfit with different colours, styles and textures. You don’t have to wear a three piece suit to look sophisticated. Play around with t-shirts, chinos, denims and patterned shirts and see what works for you.

Have fun with accessories

Great accessories are liking the icing on the cake when it comes to men’s fashion. Sure, you can wear a great outfit that is as sharp as it is comfortable, but if you want to give it that extra bit of oomph, you’ll need some accessories.

So whether it’s a tie, a pocket square or a playful bow tie, you can elevate your look with the extra little details. Hats, belts, gloves, cufflinks, sunglasses, scarves, tie clips and lapel clips are also all things you can also use to take your outfit from good to great.

In Summary…

So there you have it. Nailing the smart-casual office look doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank or turning up to important meetings in your pyjamas! By investing in some high quality staples, you can mix and match your clothes every day to achieve a fresh look that is as comfortable as it is smart.