In every women’s wardrobe, among a variety of different everyday suits, jeans and sweaters, a special place is given to an evening dress. It is this element of clothing that allows you to gracefully emphasize femininity, which is hidden in the everyday bustle of denim suits and sports styles.

The klänningar fest is an indispensable component of the prom, wedding party, corporate events and parties. To correctly choose a dress for the evening, you need to know a few secrets that are used by famous fashion designers and designers.

Basic requirements for along

Evening gowns must be made of high-quality and expensive material. A chic style, made of cheap fabric, is capable of losing the usual miniature model of natural silk. The fit parameters and the volume of the figure also play an important role, and in the choice of the silhouette there must be fantasy.

Universal colors in evening dresses are: black, red and gold shades. Dress in bright, flashy colors, studded with beads and rhinestones, can turn a woman into a shining New Year’s toy. The dress must match the occasion, the setting.

When choosing an evening dress with the dansskor, you must carefully select accessories. The length of the gloves depends on the degree of reduction of the sleeve. Do not wear a large amount of jewelry. Handbag and shoes must comply with the overall image.

Matching evening model to silhouette type

When choosing a model it is very important to build on the type of silhouette.

When buying evening dress, you must adhere to a number of rules:

Type of figure X hourglass, involves the use of styles that have a low waistline, a high slit in the skirt. These can be dresses with open shoulders, having a trapezoid silhouette. There may be a round neckline in the neckline.

  • Type A – pear will be in harmony with models with a high waist, v-neck or square neckline. The optimal length in this version is up to the knees or maxi-version.
  • For the type of figure V, in the form of an inverted triangle, it is recommended to pay attention to the models with low waist, having a high cut-out to emphasize harmony. To visually narrow the shoulders, it is recommended to expose them a little.

Type of figure O – an apple provides for the use of an evening dress with a deep neckline, open hands, an overpriced waistline and a free style skirt. The length in this case may be maxi or below the knee.

Most of the fair half, regardless of age and body build, tends to be similar to brides and try on the images of princesses: banal diadem, floor length, open neckline. However, not everyone has long necklines or a bare decollete. Choosing a dress, it is better to emphasize the existing advantages: open beautiful shoulders, express a thin waistline, than highlight the flaws in accordance with fashion.