Most people used to pay attention to women when it comes to waxing. However, a rising number of men continue to show interest in waxing treatments. The prominence of waxing for men is increasing because wax is very effective in removing men hairs that are hard to eliminate. One of the facial hair that requires the waxing treatment is the male beard. You will not find even a single beard left behind after a male waxing treatment. The common types of men waxing include male intimate waxing and general body waxing.

In the general body waxing, the aesthetician removes all the hair that is in the chest, face and back. On the contrary, intimate waxing entails removing of pubic hair from the genital region. Unlike female Bikini waxing, there are a few issues that are associated with male intimate waxing. This procedure gives the client a comfortable and relaxed feeling. The process is not as painful as it used to be and it has very quick results. It removes all the genital hair with a lot of precision. The difference before and after this procedure is highly visible. You can see current specials and pricing for waxing in thousand oaks here.

The process of male genital waxing entails removing unwanted hair from all the private parts. They include the perineum, crack, scrotum, shaft, pubic area, and butt. Allow the hair to grow to a minimum length of 0.25 inches to get excellent results. This treatment will remove the hair from the root and not the surface. No wonder it takes the hair a longer period to grow back in comparison to ordinary shaving. It can take you up to 8 weeks before it grows back.

The client will not do any trimming or shaving during the eight weeks. The texture is also finer and smoother when the hair grows back. The skin where you remove the hair also tends to be smoother. This is because the wax removes both the dead skin and hair roots. Since you are not using a razor blade to remove the unwanted hair, you will significantly reduce the chances of getting skin irritation and cuts. No wonder most men like going for male waxing treatments.

Like any other intimate waxing treatment, you will have to remain naked before the therapist. The market has various intimate waxing designs for men including the BSC (back-sack-crack) style, Brazilian style, and Hollywood Style. The Brazilian style is the most common one and it entails removing hair in the butt and middle and retaining some on the pubic mound.

The Hollywood waxing treatment for men entails the therapist removing all the hairs from your private parts including the crease of the leg and pubic triangle. It is ideal for men who want to achieve a skin that is completely smooth. In the back-sac-crack waxing style, you will remove all the hair from the butt, crack, shaft, and all the way to the back. The choice entirely depends on your personal preferences. Some therapists give different names to these male intimate waxing treatments. Therefore, it is right to confirm whether you are choosing the right treatment.

One common issue that results from male intimate waxing is that most clients get an erection while the procedure is going on. This situation can be embarrassing to both the therapist and the client. However, seasoned therapist understand that erection is normal and will not be offended in any way. It’s a normal reaction that results from physical touch and will not hinder the process from going on. After the male intimate waxing treatment, you need to wear loose and clean clothes to prevent any form of irritation and infections. Also. Avoid taking hot baths and refrain from steam baths and saunas. You can use the right products to exfoliate the skin three times a week as you shower to block any ingrown hairs. You could also keep your skin supple and allow the new hairs to grow normally by using a skin moisturizer.