Being ordinary is boring. Wearing what everyone does is not an option for you. The best idea for dressing up for every occasion is to have something on you that no one else can have. You want others to see you and know that’s exactly an original.

Don’t worry, there’s an option for that. It’s called custom made clothes. We’re not talking about going to the tailor’s and spend a fortune on brand new, made especially for you, trousers. We’re talking about getting something from the shop like everyone else does and turning it into an original piece of wear.

Depending on your creativity, you can build your own brand. This may sound like a big deal at the moment, but after a few years following the path you’re about to choose, be sure that people will recognize you by the symbols and the clothes you’re going to promote in public.

With the technology today and the easy access to the internet of billions of people, you can turn into a fashion guru overnight. However, you need to have something to show to the world. They must be impressed by you. See more on this here.

Spend time searching for the right pieces

Some people like to collect stamps and others write poems. If fashion is your passion, you should spend your free time on research. Open the internet and look for all kinds of stores offering different types of clothes.

Today, there are so many online shops that it’s impossible to go through all of them. See as more as you can and order only things that are perfectly matching your style. Make sure you get some things that no one else in your area poses and it is great to be different than everyone else you see in the fashion world too. No one likes to see copies, everyone gets excited when something new and fresh comes up.

Recreate them

Fabric can easily be cut, torn off, bleached, and painted. You can do whatever you want with it. Depending on your imagination and creativity, you can turn regular jeans into something new and amazing.

Take the scissors and make them just the way you like them. Use some sawing too if that’s what it takes. Experiment. Sometimes you’re going to make something amazing and in other situations, you’ll completely ruin the piece. That’s how every great artist works. To get to the amazing work we know from every great artist, they had to go over too many failures. This is a normal process.

Use some printing too. Visit to see more about this technique. Make your own logo and place it on them. Everyone has shirts and hats with the logos of their favorite athletes and sports clubs, but you can make your customized hat and promote your brand this way even that you’re not a part of any sport. It doesn’t matter, that’s what fashion is all about, making a statement, and you say – I don’t care if I’m not a sports club, I have my own logo.

Never buy too expensive clothes

This is just a piece of useful advice. Buy clothes from thrift shops and order online from abroad. Don’t spend too much on clothes because you might ruin them during the process of learning. You don’t want to buy $400 jeans and cut them open on the knees just to realize they look awful.

On the other hand, getting some $4 second-hand trousers can be torn apart and ripped off as long as there’s material to work on. Experiment on things like these. When you find something that you really like and you’d like to recreate again, then you can buy something more expensive and promote it as your invention. See why experimenting is important in art:


With the things said above, you understand that building your own style is not complex at all. It only takes a little more time and effort. Still, this is something you probably love doing so we’re sure that you don’t mind doing it.

Use the ideas and advice we shared and don’t be afraid to add some more of your own.