The perfect accessory to define the modern woman is a great timepiece. A watch reveals a lot more character than any other accessory that you can think of. Every piece that is created is the result of several hours of painstakingly combining unique elements to create the perfect design. Each one is the result of great thought and is therefore capable of telling stories. When you find the perfect watch for yourself, the best part is that it can tell your story to the world too.

Frederique Constant Ladies Automatic Heart Beat

Price: Rs.1,53,158

This is a great wristwatch for women, made by women. The Heart Beat collection comes with a beautiful round case inside which you have a lustrous dial made from mother of pearl. Delicate Cabochon stones adorn the crowns of the watch, giving it that regal appeal. The design of this watch combines all the qualities of the modern woman from grace to elegance. This watch, which runs on a self-winding mechanism,is truly a piece that was made from the heart. The leather strap is carefully chosen to add the perfect texture to the smooth and sleek exterior of this piece.


Price: Rs.35,500

This is a delicate analogue watch that features novel design elements and the combination of the finest material. The rose gold metallic exterior with the 34mm strap falls beautifully over the wrist like a bracelet. The most noticeable feature of this watch is the arabesque pattern that you can see on the dial. The studded indexes lend to the sophisticated appeal of this piece. A textured dial with a contrasting smooth metallic body is conventional with a slight modern edge. The whole design comes together with the matching hands that stand out against the ivory white dial.

Baume and Mercier Classima


When it comes to refined watchmaking, Baume and Mercier have set standards that are hard to beat. This elegant piece is perfect for the modern day woman. The large, bold dial comes with minimal, yet elegant design elements. It features classic Roman numerals and is complete with a date display. The silver tone case made from stainless steel is the perfect element to match the vision of creating the perfect watch for executives. This Swiss made beauty runs on a quartz mechanism. It is practical and ideal for everyday use with its scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass and the high quality leather strap. The distinct blue textured strap is the perfect contrast to the white and silver dial and display of this watch.



Think contemporary designs, thinkBulgariSerpenti. The double spiral Kurag leather strap comes in a bold red hue. Made entirely with an 18 kt rose gold case, this is a watch that is classy and sophisticated with a touch of maverick modernity. The Serpenti range of watches are inspired by snakes and are an expression of seduction and the ability to change with time. Like the snake changes its skin and shape, this design is easy to customize with the interchangeable straps. So, if you do not want your accessories to look the same every day, this is a watch that you can experiment with and personalize to suit your mood and outfit.

Movado Museum

Price: Rs.59,075

Movado is almost synonymous with minimalism. This watch redefines simplicity and sophistication. The dark grey exterior features a textured leather strap and a large black dia. The only elements to break the monochrome design are the gold bezels, hands and the prominent sundial. Besides this, there is nothing that disturbs the clean and exquisite craftsmanship. Even the logo of the watchmaker is placed tastefully along the bottom of the dial in crisp gold letters. The Movado Museum collection features a quartz movement, which is smooth and precise. Made from high quality sapphire crystal, the glass is completely scratch proof. The practical features combined with the minimalistic features make this the perfect watch for everyday use.

Tag Heuer Link

Price: Rs.1,28,000

This watch is a part of the signature Link series by Tag Heur, which features bold and modern designs for both men and women. The bracelet is the impeccable feature of this watch. In fact, this is the only collection by Tag Heur where the designs began with the bracelet. The strong aesthetics are trademark of the Link series of watches. Even with an all-metal body, the bracelet is fluid and feminine. It sits gracefully on the wrist with a display of solidity and some drama. The double S-shaped links of the bracelet give it that extra bit of comfort and weightlessness. The steel blue colored mother of pearl dial brings the design to life and adds that unique appeal that one looks for in every watch.