Diamonds that you can buy on the high street are incredibly affordable but will make you feel like you are worth millions. This wasn’t always the case when diamonds were only available to the wealthiest of high society.

There are many diamonds in the world today that fetch an eye-watering price which is too much for ordinary people to afford. The world’s most expensive diamonds are usually bought by the sheikhs and emirs of oil-rich Middle Eastern nations.

What are some of the most expensive diamonds in the world?

Oppenheimer Blue

The Oppenheimer Blue diamond sold for an eye-watering £39.8m in 2016, making it the world’s most expensive diamond at the time of writing. That is nearly as much as Manchester United football club paid for the Argentinean midfielder Angel Di Maria.

It is shaped into a rectangle and is also the largest blue diamond in the world. The identity of the person who made the jaw-dropping purchase is not known, and is likely to remain a secret for years to come. Learn about one of the foremost diamond-sellers in the world by reading this James Allen review.

Blue Moon Of Josephine

The Blue Moon Of Josephine is another diamond that sold for an astronomical price. Joseph Lau is a Hong-Kong based businessman who bought the diamond for his daughter in 2015. He promptly named the diamond after her. This is a 12.03 carat diamond, which unsurprisingly is the colour blue.

The diamond cost the businessman a staggering £23 million.

Graff Pink

The Graff Pink was bought by British diamond dealer Laurence Graff. He named the diamond after himself. This diamond is a brilliant pink colour and was described as one of the greatest diamonds ever to be unearthed. It has a platinum ring and it garnered worldwide attention before it was sold at the auction in Switzerland.

Graff bought the diamond for the barely-believable price of £29 million.

Princie Diamond

The Princie diamond originated in India and is one of the oldest diamonds in the world. It was unearthed over 300 years ago in India.  This has been one of the most sought after diamonds ever. It is 34.65 carats and is the third largest pink diamond in the world.

The colour of the fluorescence when it is exposed to UV light is bright orange and red, which is highly unusual.

The diamond sold at auction in 2013 for a heart-stopping amount of £32.3. This makes it one of the most expensive diamonds in the world.

The Orange Diamond

The Orange Diamond gets its moniker from its vivid orange colour. This is the largest vivid orange diamond in the world and has 14.82 carats. It was sold in November 2013 for the huge price of £29.1, and became the most expensive diamond of its kind.

The Zoe Diamond

The Zoe Diamond is one of the most striking pieces of jewellery in the world. It also happens to be one of the most expensive. It sold for £26.8.

You might not be able to afford any of the world’s most expensive diamonds, but plenty is available on the high street.