There is hardly any scope for the human being to step out of the house afresh and come back in the same state. With the continuous attack of dirt, dust, pollution and other impurities, it has become impossible to maintain flawless skin especially for men, who don’t even apply a sunscreen. And yes, the sun is right there on our head to make things worse. Through all of these, the one who survives really deserves applause. But is there anyone who actually deals with all of this? The answer is yes.

Out of the number of men who thinks that using cosmetics are only meant for women, there are guys who really take great care of there, knowing the fact that their skin, in turn, takes care of them. Imagine how you would look if your skin goes completely dry? It is better to stop the orthodox way of outlook and accept the fact that a cosmetic isn’t really a girly thing. The product in concern here is a moisturizer cream and if you think is belong to girls, then you really need to rethink.

There are a number of moisturizers available in the market, which would be quiet tough to choose from. And to make thing more confusing, every brand claims the best results. However, you should be smart enough not to let them fool you with promising words.

Here, we have picked the best ones especially for oily skin of men. Follow it below:

Moisturising Cream with Shea Butter And Vitamin E: The product has been introduced by The Man Company, which has gained a lot of attention of the users for its amazing natural products. Just like any other cosmetic for men it launches, this moisturizer also comes with a rich extract of natural ingredients. To start with, there is shea butter that is known for its deep moisturizing and hydrating properties. Next in the list is Vitamin E extracts, which has a number of skin benefitting properties. The best part of the product is it can be used as all-round protection. The Vitamin E content in the product helps to lighten scars, has anti-ageing and hydrating properties whereas moringa makes the skin soft, supple and maintains even skin tone. It is suitable for all skin type and due to its light texture and non-greasy finish, men with oily skin can opt for it.

Garnier Men Oil Clear Cream with Oil-Free Look: Garnier Men Oil Clear moisturizer is another product in the list of creams for men with oily skin. With the lemon extracts, which is well-known to remove extra oil from the face, it acts as a best absorbent. Apart from moisturizing properties it comes with, it also helps to lighten the skin tone, as claimed by the company. Furthermore, it is infused with perilite, which is known for its great oil absorbing properties too.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Combination Skin Moisturizer: The product with a serum that basically helps to absorb oil from the skin and makes the appearance matte and sweat-proof. Plus, there is an infused Microsponge system that helps to squeeze extra oil from your skin. It can be suitable for men having oily skin and can be used twice daily for best results.

With these products, men with oily skin can refrain themselves with the irritating shiny T-zone due to oil and sweat. Plus, in order to make sure the skin does not turn too dry or rough, these products bring right proportionate of ingredients that will leave soft and supple skin texture with matte finish. You can also go for the company the products of which have always been promising.