If your idea of a memorable journey is feeling the wind as you pass through while putting the miles behind, the motorbike is definitely your thing. For a more remarkable experience, motorbike owners consider custom motorbike in malaysia. Custom-styled bikes will surely allow you to stand out https://www.givi.com.my/myMotorcycle.php.

If you want to customize your own motorbike, here are some ways you can go about it:

Paint job

A paint job is essential because it lets everyone see you coming. You can pick a single color all over the bike or you can use a design of your choosing. These days, many motorbike enthusiasts consider going all out with chrome paint. Chrome paints are highly versatile, which can be used on any part from the plastic parts to handlebars and rims.

Custom lighting

Custom lights seek to improve your visibility to other riders. You must know that there are many options for putting custom lights. The most common is strip light. There are also focused pencil driving lights allowing you to see greater distances and clear lenses with reflectors.

Exhaust pipes

Customizing exhaust pipes allow the motorbike to make a sound so people always hear you coming. Aside from making a unique sound, customizing exhaust pipes will give the motorbike more horsepower.

Heat grips

Heat grips will not significantly change the motorbike’s appearance but it can help you enjoy the ride especially if it is cold outside. With this, you can wear lighter gloves. This means that wearing thicker gloves is an option – not a necessity.


Your windshield can help you stay bug-free. Aside from that, it can also keep you warmer at night.


If you are riding for many miles at a time, foot pegs will allow you to ride comfortably. You may want to choose highway pegs, which are forward-placing, as these can allow you to stretch out your legs while driving.


Do not forget about your saddle. If you are riding for many miles at a time, it is crucial that you think about changing your saddle for a more comfortable seat.


The custom look will never be complete without changing the tires. While there are many motorbike tire styles available, you should consider wider ones. Wider tires will look better and stylish.

Sound system

The ride will be more enjoyable with music that is why you need to think about beefing your sound system. There are many options you can consider from a simple radio to CB or satellite radio. There are also helmet speakers that you can purchase. However, you should ensure that the sound system is legal to use in your city or locality.


If you have a favorite motto or saying, you should think about adding an engraving. This can go well with chrome paint. This is another way of expressing yourself and what you believe in.

Final words

With the right professional, your custom-designed motorbike will surely stand out. Aside from expressing style and taste, a custom-designed motorbike will help you to ride in comfort. Fortunately, there are many accessories you can consider.