Choosing between Russian and European hair extensions and don’t know which one will be the best for you? 

Read in this article about all the differences of each hair type, and also where to buy them.

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Russian VS European Hair Extensions

Let’s begin with what unites both types: this is a quality natural product that, if properly cared for, will serve you for a long time. You can choose any color and texture you need: smooth, wavy or curly strands.

And now to the differences: 


Russian hair fits almost all girls with naturally dense soft hair. 

European hair extensions will be an ideal option for girls who naturally have even thicker and stiffer hair. Most Canadian women have this hair structure.

Russian hair also has thinner tips, while European one is denser.

Always take it into account when choosing the type of hair. The improperly selected material will be distinctly different from the natural strands and will look unnatural.


If this question plays a key role and you want the longest strands, then take a closer look at European hair. Here you can find bundles up to 90 cm long – a rare find on the hair extensions market!

Russian hair usually rarely exceeds 70 cm in length.


The main supplier of Russian hair, as the name suggests, is the Russian Federation.

Despite its name, European hair is collected in Asian countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and China).

However, they are distinguished from ordinary Indian and Chinese bundles by their delicate dying and processing, which meets all European standards. By choosing such products, you will receive a product that will please you with its quality and natural look.

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