The best washing machine in 2020 would be the one that can reduce your problems instead of creating new. Like spacing problems, electricity consumption, water consumption etc. Get a front-loading washing machine if you need to have a large capacity, save water, have advanced washing programs, and have no qualms with its price (somewhat higher than the others). You should opt for a top-loading washing machine if you have a low budget, or your lumbar problems make it difficult for you to lean forward to throw and take out your clothes as is the case with the front-loading washing machine. You should also buy one of these if you have a small space and need a device that opens its lid up and not to the side.

Something else to consider is technology. If you need a one of the top washing machines then you need to purchase one that is included in the home automation rules that you have installed at home. It must be part of the automation your home owns, with ultrafast and efficient washes, energy management and foam regulation services, systems that control the distribution of garments inside the drum, steam programs, others that detect breakdowns and water leaks, touch panels, automatic door locking system every time it is working.

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Buy a washing machine that…

  • Be the right size according to the members who live at home. If the family is made up of 5 people or more including small children, you must become one with ample washing capacity because, otherwise, you will become their slave (throw clothes, take clothes, throw clothes, take clothes) and stop Be comfortable and effective for you.
  • Have a long warranty. You are spending a considerable budget and you need to have a letter up your sleeve in case you run into an expensive breakdown tomorrow. Do not be afraid to ask about the warranty time before making the purchase, after all that is within your rights as a consumer.
  • It is made of materials resistant to use such as tempered glass (type of glass processed by chemical or thermal treatments that offers great safety and durability) or thick plastic.
  • It fits your pocket. Avoid being above your possibilities and become another concern. A debt that you must pay sooner rather than later.
  • Fit in the space you are destined for. It is not about walking measuring the width of your washing machine centimeter by centimeter, but pays attention to its size unless you arrive with it and suddenly notice that it does not fit in the place where you were going to put it.
  • Own a motor with several washing programs. In this way you will be protecting your clothing, especially delicate fabrics that tear easily when curling against each other.
  • Be silent to contribute to your relaxation and the peace of your neighbors (especially at dawn when the obligations of work force you to wash at that time). Unless you have a baby who likes to sleep with the noise made by the appliance and put the washing machine into operation, be one of your tricks to calm his palettes. In any case, the decibel level reached by the washing machine can be read on its energy labeling.
  • Have a self-cleaning system. This will avoid extra effort every time you finish washing your clothes.