Aquamarine is known for its amazing blue colour, mainly because it’s made from the light bluish-green type of beryl. Aquamarine ring is named after the colour of sea colour. Aquamarine the member of the beryl family and is blue to the dark blue and green member, it is a readily available stone in a relatively moderate price. The aquamarine rings look dazzling due to the sheer brilliance of the aquamarine stone, thus making it unique and precious. 

Aquamarine is available in a larger size. These stones do not have any incremental increase in value per carat for big gems. The price of the stone is dependent upon clarity, depth and purity of colour.

The beautiful colour is received from ferrous iron, and its shades can change from blue-green to blue deep, the tone of the stone is dependent upon from light to darker shade. The western culture stated due to its aquamarine colour and name the gem is strongly connected to seawater. 

Aquamarine ring is one of the best recommendations for engagement stone as it is budget-friendly and the colour is of the stone is such that it makes different from other rocks. The jewellery made with aquamarine stone is fantastic and looks good on in anyone when found on a ring. The stone colour ranges from blue to green. It is said that the stone is for good luck and once it helped the sailors to land safely on the seashore. Apart from this aquamarine stone is precious for any women.

Tips to Purchase Aquamarine Rings

Papercutting helps in examining the different cuts and shades of the stone. The brilliant round cut for the ring has 58 facets which high lights the beautification of the stone. The other jewellery made out of aquamarine stone has different cuts, different gems, so it looks good. If you are looking for a different cut and look then this stone is right for aquamarine jewellery and aquamarine ring.

As the colour is different from other shades, the price may vary from shade to shade. The various aquamarine shades are blue and green, but other great shades have a much higher value. The different ring has different shades having a distinct meaning of purity and calmness.

Before purchasing you should consider the metal and this choice is entirely dependent on the shade of the aquamarine stone if the tone is light it will look best white gold body, platinum and silver if the shade is intense the ring of yellow looks good. 

On-Demand Aquamarine Jewelry

    1. Aquamarine engagement ring:- This is a beautiful ring with a beautiful oval aquamarine stone in the centre with the cathedral style band. The ring is gorgeous and makes it more unique when worn in the right-hand circle.

  • Aquamarine diamond yellow gold ring:-The beauty of an aquamarine stone is beautifully crafted in the gold ring for the stunning look. The intense colour of the stone makes it look beautiful in a gold ring.

  1. Aquamarine two-tone ring:- This ring is unique from other circles. The ring is two-tone design with the stone in the middle with a square cut shape making it a unique one for the fancy look.

More About Aquamarine Jewelry

Staring at the aquamarine ring makes you remember of the sea just for the aqua color. The aquamarine ring is more in demand to the modern couple; the couple prefers it more than the traditional collar. The couples are in the craze for the aquamarine stone ring in large number. This is a blue-hued stone and best for couples who do not have rage for Saphire.

Aquamarine is closely related to emerald and is a natural stone of the beryl family. The aquamarine stone depicts aqua and mare. Aquamarine is for the lucky charm and peace, for the colour of clue and sea blue; it is mermaids treasure. The couples who are born in March and October is the priority who uses this aquamarine stone. The stone is generally from Brazil, Nigeria, Zambia and Afghanistan.

The beauty of the Stone

The colour of the aquamarine stone is one of the first, and best features of the rock and hence good care should be taken care of the colour while purchasing the stone. The blue shade of the tone should range from dark blue to light blue with a pinch of green depending on the amount of iron in them. The stone becomes more valuable with the profound intensity of the colour and the pure and sincere blue colour will be highly-priced and will be the most precious one. There are various other shades of green and yellow, which is less costly, and couples can go for that stone as well if they have a limited budget.

The aquamarine ring is the ultimate ring statement for all occasions. Men and women who have the fascination for grave coloured stone can go for the aquamarine ring for engagement. The stone is not only for its beautiful colour but also has a sign of purity and loyalty. It, at the time, is defined as the most treasured element because of its colour. It builds up calmness in the human body. When you take an aquamarine stone, it is not only that you take a beautiful stone but also take up feelings and emotions.


The metal is a significant aspect while buying the aquamarine ring. The ring looks good on various types of metal. Legends state that aquamarine gives mental clarity and good health, and it also protects. The sailors believed that the aquamarine stone is good luck as it saved them from sea and storm, so they preferred taking the sand along with them while sailing. The aquamarine is calm and soothing and is also known as the treasurer of mermaids because of its unique colour. Hope you are well aware of the beauty of aquamarine rings. Don’t think much, to present an aquamarine ring to your love one. The aquamarine is best suited for the couple who are born in March and December; the stone suits best for them.