Wearing a necklace is the perfect way to complete any look. When shopping for necklaces, you are most likely to get confused since there are always many choices to make. From shiny necklaces, colored ones, heavy ones or light-weighted ones, long or short, single or layered ones. Since you buy a necklace to compliment a specific outfit, here is a definitive guide on how to accessorize with the different types of necklaces.

Consider the neckline of your outfit.

The first thing is to determine if your top requires a necklace and where you want the focal point. For instance, if your top’s upper part is bare, you may want a big necklace to be the hero piece in your outfit. Again you may require a subtle piece to fill an open or deep neckline. On the other hand, your outfit’s neckline may be made of ruffles that do not require you to wear a necklace at all. If you wear an outfit that is loud and busy, your necklace should be simple, but if you wear plain-colored clothes, a showy piece of necklace compliments the look.

A sparkling necklace spices up your evening dress

If you are trying to accessorize a beautiful evening dress, consider sparkling necklaces that are shiny but classic. If the outfit you have on has the neckline or bodice as the focal point, a shiny necklace completes such a look. For instance, strapless dinner dresses go well with Silver Necklaces or gold necklaces, depending on your skin tone and fashion style. Other necklines that pair well with sparkling necklaces include a v-neck, off-the-shoulder, and scoop necks.

Consider the length of your necklace.

Even though longer necklaces go well with many outfits, you might want to pay more attention to the length of your necklace. For instance, if you are wearing a plain colored or simple dress, a long necklace will make you stand out. However, if you are a short person, a long necklace may cover most of your outfit, which is not a good look. As a result, you may need to have it shortened or stick to short and mild necklaces.

Match your necklace color to one of your outfits

There must be that one outfit or color you love the most in your closet. Ensure you have a necklace that matches one of your favorite outfits. Higher chances are, you have other similar outfits, and the necklace will be a versatile piece in your closet. It also saves you from buying many pieces of necklaces that you wear only once in a while.

Experiment with several necklaces at a go

Have you ever tried mixing several small necklaces and see how they turn out to be? Well, if you do not own a multilayered necklace, be creative and play with the length of your necklaces from the short one, medium to the long one, for a casual look. You can also blend colors or beads and come out with a unique look.

Make a statement with a metal necklace.

If you would like to make a fashion statement in how you look, accessorize well and let your style do the talking. Silver and gold necklaces enhance your style without being showy, and you can wear a matching bracelet to complete the look.


The right good necklace is the classic way to freshen up any outfit.