Most women use waxing to remove unwanted hairs from the bikini area. However, there are several types of Bikini waxing depending on the taste and preferences of the customer. The four main categories include American waxing, French waxing, Brazilian waxing, and Full Brazilian waxing. This article elaborates all of them and goes ahead to explain the procedure of Bikini waxing.

  • American Waxing

This procedure entails removing unwanted hair under the naval and at the top of the thighs. Most people refer to it as the basic bikini waxing. In this case, strip waxing is more appropriate than hard waxing. The expert uses a small applicator to create an even and clean line on both sides of the bikinis. The waxing expert has to apply the wax towards the direction in which hair is growing. The professional makes a second application of wax when the pubis has horizontally growing hair that is coarse. You will pull the wax against the direction in which the pubic hair grows.

  • French Waxing

This procedure leaves behind a vertical strip that has a width of two to three fingers in the front section just above the vulva. Some people refer to this style as partial Brazilian waxing, G-waxing, or playboy waxing. You can remove that hair that is in the labia and the peri-anal area in this waxing technique. The steps of French waxing are similar to those in the Brazilian wax. You remove all the hair in the front section are areas surrounding the genitals. You can also remove the hairs on the buttocks and thighs depending on your preferences.

  • Brazilian Waxing

In this style, you remove almost everything but leave behind a strip of hairs on the pubis. You remove all the unwanted hairs from the buttocks and areas that are adjacent to the vulva and anus. You can also refer to it as the Hollywood wax, full bikini wax or Sphinx. The process includes the areas that extend to the buttocks and the labia. Nowadays, women also like to ask for the Bikini wax.

  • Full Brazilian Waxing

Some regions consider this method of waxing to be extreme. It leaves behind a tiny strip of hair that we can refer to as calvados. There are tons of places that offer high end waxing in castle rock so be sure to browse the best deals.

  • Wax Application Procedure

Wax is a mixture of tall oil and beeswax. However, the composition of beeswax in the mixture is higher. The first step is to apply talcum or baby powder liberally on the waxing area. This action will make sure that the hot wax does not stick to the sensitive skin. You should allow the wax to harden a bit before you do the application. After you hit the wax, apply it on the area that has the unwanted hair using a waxing strip. After that, you will remove the wax towards the direction in which the hair is growing. The process eliminates the unwanted hair from the anus, buttocks, and the bikini area. It removes all the unwanted hair together with the dead skin that lies on the surface of the skin. You can then use tweezers to remove any pending stray hairs. Finally, trim the remain pubic hair with the aid of scissors or wax it off. You may experience some slight or severe pains for a few seconds or minutes. However, the pain reduces with subsequent visits. This treatment is highly effective in the removal of coarse and thick pubic hairs. Bikini waxing results can last you up to six weeks.