From time to time, we all find ourselves with used clothing we never intend to wear again. And yet, throwing it away seems like such a waste. But what else can we do? Is there a way to put that old clothing to work rather than sending it to a landfill? Absolutely. There are plenty of options.

The options are broken down into the following categories:

  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Pass along
  • Repurpose

You know enough about used clothing that none of these categories surprises you. But keep reading and you might be surprised about some of the options within those categories. There are lots of creative ways to deal with used clothing without throwing it away.

Donate Used Clothing

It is a safe bet you are familiar with the idea of donating. Perhaps you’ve even donated in the past. The many thrift stores in your town depend on you and others to keep their racks full of gently used clothing items. That is a good place to start. But did you know that a fair amount of the clothing thrift stores receive never goes on the racks?

The reasons for that are numerous and not the point of this post. So if you’re concerned about thrift store donations, consider other options. For example, local churches often stock clothing closets designed to provide for people in need. Women shelters are always looking for clothing items for abused and battered women. Homeless shelters can use clothing donations as well.

Sell Used Clothing

You could try selling your used clothing at a summer garage sale. However, chances are you are not going to find a whole lot of buyers. But again, there are other options. Online auction sites like eBay are a haven for used items. So are online consignment shops.

If you want something truly unique, try the Poshmark platform. Poshmark is a mixture of social media and online retail. It is a fascinating platform where you can find some very good deals. PoshyVA, a company that offers Poshmark virtual assistant services, says that thousands of items get shared on Poshmark daily.

Pass Along Used Clothing

Another option is to pass along used clothing to others. Maybe you know a family in your neighborhood struggling financially as a result of the pandemic. Not having to buy new clothes would certainly help make ends meet. Alternatively, you may know extended family members who would be happy to take your gently used clothing items off your hands.

Repurpose Used Clothing

In the repurposing category, you are limited only by your imagination. Perhaps you have some old T-shirts that have seen better days. Fine. Cut them up into rags and use them to gently wash your car. You can use them to clean the kitchen as well.

An old pair of jeans can easily become a throw pillow for the rec room. Used dresses and skirts can be cut up into squares and eventually sewn into a patchwork quilt. Turn that old jacket into a stylish shoulder bag or backpack.

Of course, repurposing requires some creativity and basic craft skills. But if you can use things like glue guns and a needle and thread, you can do some amazing things. There really is no need to let your used clothing go to waste.

Used clothing does not have to end up in a landfill. You do not have to throw away what you no longer wear. You can donate your old clothing. You can sell it, pass it along, or re-purpose it. You really have a lot of options.